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Star Wars Day – May the Fourth Be with You

by on May 4, 2013

may_the_fourth StarsHoly crap, it’s Star Wars Day!  That’s right, Star Wars Day.  It’s the day where the ladies (and fellas) can wear the Princess Leia costume, complete with the cinnamon buns on either side of your head, out in public and no one will blink an eye.  I can’t promise that last, but I know that there will be a Star Wars party or two within driving distance.

I remember seeing Star Wars in 1977, in a theatre in my hometown that is no longer open.  I can’t tell you who I went with (probably my

mom) but I was wearing black Pro-Ked sneakers and probably some horrible 1970s kids’ outfit.  What stands out the most for me in memory is the cantina scene – all those fantastical creatures…and they were moving and walking around!  Talking even!  I mean, I watched the Muppet show every night and had been to Disney World, but this was something even better than King Kong!

And that Halloween, my costume was Darth Vader.  Eff a princess…why not be a guy who could choke people from twenty feet away.  Yeah, I guess I was an evil kid….

Please note, I have watched the “first” three movies in the series…and, um, well, let’s just say that I’m of the school that there are only three true Star Wars movies.  It’s so funny, when I look at the listings and it reads “Star Wars IV:  A New Hope”, my mind automatically jumps to “they made a movie after Return of the Jedi?”

Second note.  I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the “first” three films, but to me, it will always be simply a trilogy:  Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of

Yes.  I have one of these.  It's at my mom's house.

Yes. I have one of these. It’s at my mom’s house.

the Jedi, which I stood in the rain, waiting in line to see. I also have a remote control R2D2.

Dear readers, let me stop prattling on about my life and get to the real meat of the matter:  Celebrate!

1.   Make yourself some blue milk – add a touch of blueberry unsweetened drink mix to your mix and a touch of sugar to balance the bitterness (if any)

2.   Dress up your dog up as an Star Wars  AT-AT Walker.  

3.  Put together some Star Wars Lego Kits

4.  Play Angry Birds – Star Wars Edition (Yeah, this is on my iPhone…and, ah, iPad.)

5.  Like Yoda for the entire day, speak.

Stop by my blog! for more Star Wars cosplay pictures and more ideas for celebration of this day.


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