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Liz Borino stopped by Luscious and sat down to tell us about her new release.

by on May 3, 2013

Happy Friday Folks, today we have an interview with  author Liz Borino and she shares a little bit about herself with Luscious. I mean, seriously, you gotta love someone who likes Stephen King. 🙂  Liz has also sent up a lovely pretty. Oh how I love a fresh book cover. So check out her interview below then read on…you won’t be disappointed.  Have a Luscious day! Kass

  1. What’s your snack of choice for a hardcore writing session?

Honey mustard pretzels and Diet Peach Snapple

  1. What is your favorite book on the craft of writing?

Stephen King’s On Writing

  1. What do you like best (or least) about writing?

I love getting lost in the world of my characters and getting the opportunity to share it with the world.

  1. What do you read when you’re not writing?

You mean the books I edit for my day job? Or the ones I read for school? On the very rare occasion that I get to choose what I read, I usually go for something in my genre (M/M BDSM).

  1. Describe your workspace.

On any given day, I could be working at my local Starbucks, the library, or my bedroom. It depends on the social interaction I desire.

  1. Favorite quote?

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” I have no idea who said it, but I find it inspiring.

  1. What’s your favorite romantic comedy and why?

I’m not too much into comedy, but I love a romantic drama. Love Story is my favorite because everything from the acting to the script felt real. The character’s relationship was tangible, at least to me.

  1. What’s the one place you’d most like to visit someday?

I always wanted to see Ireland. But more than that I’d like to go back to London.

  1. Have you ever disliked one of your characters?

Yes. Josh from the Mine series. Try as I might, I could never relate to him.

  1. What are you working on next?

Double Exposure, the second book in the Director’s Cut series, due out in July.

Meet the author

Hometown: Bethlehem, Pa

Hobbies: Reading, writing (duh, right?) and city exploring.

Favorite indulgence: milk chocolate and coconut


Blurb ~

New beginnings are exciting, but we can rarely outrun our pasts. Steve Michaels and Zack Greene pack up their newly extended family and move to New York City with their nanny, Drew, and his two kids. Having recently been hired to write for a  BDSM show, Steve and Zack use their loving Dom/sub relationship for some experience with the lifestyle, but they need a consultant to fill in the blanks. Alex a local Dom/club owner, can do just that. Everything is going smoothly until Rich, a ex-producer from Ben’s Life and the man who tried to ruin Zack, tries to get a job on the same show. And that’s only the beginning of it.

Excerpt ~

Zack and Steve offered Drew an opportunity of a lifetime working for them. When Alex shows up for the first meeting with Zack and Steve, Drew realizes he didn’t leave his past behind after all. This becomes more true when his ex comes back wanting to see the kids.

Can Drew trust Alex to help him get over his past? Can Steve manage to keep Zack safe from the man who has haunted him for so long? Find out what happens Behind the Scenes! Amazon

Excerpt:  Zack locked their bedroom door behind them after turning in early on Friday night. In there, he forgot about the media and any other bullshit going on in his life. “Hey, I have a question for you.”

“Yeah?” Steve pulled him into his arms and kissed his lips. “What?”

Sighing contentedly, Zack returned the hug. “I’d really like to practice my rope work, and I found this interesting picture online. How would you feel about me trying tonight?” Zack asked, anticipating Steve’s hesitation to being bound.

“Let me see the picture,” Steve responded and Zack took the handout from the nightstand. “This looks complicated. It won’t be fast.”

“I haven’t got anywhere to go.” Zack shrugged, cupped Steve’s chin and added, “Please.”

“Sure,” he answered, giving Zack the picture back. “How do you want me?”

The corners of Zack’s mouth lifted, happy with the ease of Steve’s agreement. “Take your shirt off and sit however you’re comfortable on the bed. I just need to be able to get in front of you and behind you.” Zack opened the lockbox at the bottom of the closet and took out the blue silk rope and safety shears, in case he had to cut Steve out in a hurry. He turned around to find Steve sitting cross-legged in his boxers in the middle of the bed. Setting the rope and shears on the bed next to Steve, Zack kissed the faint imprint on his neck under his collar. “Mine.”

Steve nodded and turned his head to brush their lips together. “Yes,” he confirmed.

Zack kissed him again. “I’m going to grab a water bottle, since we’ll be here awhile. Do you want anything else? Are you cold? I can turn up the heat.”

“I’m fine, love,” Steve told him with fondness in voice.

After climbing down from the bed, Zack hurried to the kitchen and took out two water bottles and a bar of chocolate for the aftercare. He planned to spend the rest of the night completely devoted to Steve. When he came back in the room, Zack placed the candy and water on the nightstand. He then got on the bed behind his husband again. “Relax your arms, I’ll position them how I need them on your back.” Steve did, and Zack folded and stacked them. He wrapped the silk around Steve’s wrists and made a knot. The Boy Scouts prepared him well. If only his troop leader knew what he was using the skills for, he would not be a happy camper. Then again, he wasn’t known for being the jolliest of fellows.

Zack shook the thoughts away as he pulled the rope up Steve’s shoulder, then down the side of his chest. When he crawled to Steve’s back to secure it over his bent arms, he said, “Breathe, you’re safe. I won’t hurt you, and you can get out at any time if you need to.”

Steve took a few deep breaths. “I know. I trust you.”

“Thank you,” Zack replied, brushing his bare back with his fingertips.

He continued crawling between Steve’s front and back, prompting his husband to ask, “Would it be easier if I stood?”

“Probably, but I want you sitting. This way, you don’t need to worry about holding yourself up. Let go. All you need to do is feel my hands and the rope,” Zack instructed, coming around to look Steve in the eye. Steve nodded and Zack pressed their lips together. Zack slipped two fingers under every knot he made to check for circulation and take the opportunity for contact. As he worked, Zack watched Steve’s facial features change. His brown eyes glazed over and his breathing evened as the rope tightened on his body. Zack smiled to himself, proud he had been able to bring him to subspace. “I’ve got you,” Zack whispered. “You’re amazing, the best husband anyone could dream of.” He made the final knot on Steve’s chest, clicked a picture of his back and front. He then spread his legs around Steve’s hips, and wrapped his arms over the other man’s bound body, leaning him against his chest.


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