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One Last Sunset

by on July 20, 2015

This week I’m releasing my first BWWM book. Although I usually write the other way around my characters come to me as they come to me. If you’ve read One Last Rodeo you’ve met Sunshine Parker. JT Long’s travel buddy and best friend since they were kids. Sunny grew up on the Long Ranch while his father was a ranch hand. Never seen as anything less than family to the Long’s after getting hurt he returns to find the same loving arms. Only this time the scrawny little girl who’d always had her head in the book is now a full grown woman and Sunny’s feelings are overtaking his desire to be seen as family.

Here’s a little excerpt of One Last Sunset currently up for preorder on Amazon, BN, Kobo, Smashwords and the Apple Store.


Sunshine’s cock was hard and pressing against Melody’s cleft. With only a slight shift in her hips, a jolt shot up her stomach and hardened her nipples.

Sunny’s teeth caught her earlobe and pulled with the sweetest pinch of pain.

Kendra’s advice had culminated in a kiss she’d never forget. Sunny’s lips made her most vivid fantasies rated G. It was as if she finally knew what her body was for.

A cool breath of air kissed her left breast before being surrounded by the warm wet heat of Sunny’s mouth. Her fingers tangled in the mop of hair on his head as moans vibrated against her skin and she unhooked her leg from around his waist. Suckling at her breast while nimble fingers unbuttoned her shorts.

“Please,” Melody moaned while his thick fingers slid under her thong. Her hands cradled his head and brought him up so they were locked eye to eye, as he thrust three fingers inside her slickness. His free hand held her hip and even though her legs were weakening just from Sunny thrusting deep inside her, his thumb also rubbed against her clit. “Fuck,” she moaned again, as her eyes rolled back in her head.

“Look at me,” he commanded.

Melody stared in his hooded blue eyes staring back at her as his rhythm increased.

“Your pussy feels so damn good.”

Melody panted. She’d never been talked to this way. In college, the guys were childlike grunting fools.

“I bet you taste good too,” he purred as his thumb pressed circles harder and she didn’t even understand how he could bring her to the brink like this. Her pussy clenched hard around his fingers. “You gonna come for me? Right here when I haven’t even started with you.”

“You haven’t,” Mel panted.

“Melody.” His southern drawl made her name sing and her pussy clench anew. “Woman,” he groaned and claimed her lips.

Click on the cover to preorder today.


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