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A Luscious Treat – 12 Alphas 12 Months! 12 Stories you don’t want to miss!

by on July 10, 2015


USA Today, Amazon and Multi-published Bestselling Authors bring you sensual contemporary romance stories of… ALPHAS: Military/Vets, Shifters, Blue Collar, Business Men, Athletes, Smoke Jumpers, Doctors and more… Ladies this is the YEAR of your dreams. 12 Alphas 12 Months come and get your calendar men!

All New Stories…with a connection. That’s right. These stories all have a main theme that unites them. Tamela Harvin is a nationally syndicated radio host who left the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to use her fame helping out those less fortunate. She loves a cause. When she contacted by a listener about a grave concern close to her heart; widower fathers struggling to find emotional support and care for their children after a loss of a wife, Tamela gets to work. Calling in all her community activist across the continent and one sharp photographer, Braden Niles, she creates a calendar of hot sexy men to raise money and support.
From one story to another, men are stepping up, and taking it off to help fathers and children in need.

1-click and they’re all yours. .99 cents for a limited time.

Meet your men:


Mr. January

Beg for It by Angie Daniels

Three wild erotic nights will have her begging for more…


Mr. February

Got your Six by Erosa Knowles

In the end, the only words he needed were hers in Reclamation: Got your Six by Erosa Knowles.


Mr. March

Succulent by TJ Michaels

Twilight Teahouse ~ Choosing something decadent from our menu…


Mr. April

Stalking Nayla by Yvette Hines

Nayla is being hunted. Shimar has to keep her safe, but convincing her she’s his mate is the real challenge.


Mr. May

Prescription for Love by Seressia Glass

She’s just what the doctor ordered in Prescription for Love


Mr. June

Solomon’s Quest by Serenity King

He’s determined to protect her, but the secrets she keeps may destroy her.


Mr. July

One Hot Dare by Michelle Monkou

When to serve and protect escalates into a sexy dangerous game.


Mr. August

All The Small Things by Stephanie Burke

The more unbearable the pain, the richer the rewards


Mr. September

Inferno by Aliyah Burke

Sometimes the flames aren’t meant to be put out.


Mr. October

Wicked Games by Maureen Smith

Some games are too dangerous to play.


Mr. November

The Ultimate Goal by Di Topaz

Will Justice and Angelique put their difference aside and go for the Ultimate Goal?


Mr. December

Seeking Santa by Latrivia S. Nelson

Alone during the Christmas holidays in a new city, Jade sets out on a mission to find happiness.



Excerpt for Succulent ~ A Twilight Teahouse Story by T.J. Michaels


Did it really mean nothing that the documents she’d accidentally seen proved that he’d changed his itinerary and cancelled the next four yoga conventions so he could get home to her and stay there?

Well…did it?

By sheer force of will, Madison pushed all of her concerns to the back of her mind and refocused on the event at Twilight Teahouse rather than her marriage. God, it was like having to continuously re-latch a shudder that kept blowing open in a storm. She really wanted to keep thinking about her husband rather than the duties she needed to perform for their place of business right now.


A quick press of the intercom button on her phone was followed by a quick, “Dani, I’m getting dressed for Hinamatsuri now. I don’t wish to be disturbed.”

“Yes, ma’am.”


Out of her chair, she kicked off her high heels and headed toward the gorgeous outfit hanging on the back of the closed door. The morning fog was finally beginning to burn off and the muted glow was giving way to a bright sparkle of sunlight off the Sound. That same natural light streamed in through the large windows and brought out the true colors of the kimono she would wear today.

Removing the protective plastic, Madison ran her hands over a purple and pink silk kimono that was a gorgeous exercise in Japanese couture so beautiful, a sigh of appreciation left her lips.

With the push of a button, all of the blinds closed, leaving her office in shadow. When she’d gotten in it had been pitch black outside. Even now it was still quite early but even with the blinds closed, there was still a pleasant glow off the glass and steel building so her office was pleasantly dim rather than midnight dark.

With a tired sigh that had more to do with where her mind was rather than any kind of physical issue, Madison yanked her royal blue shift over her head and off.

Then she just…stood there.

Eyes closed, the image of her husband, who was out taking care of her to-do list, filled her head. In nothing but her bra and panties, she stood in the middle of that floor, stocking-clad toes wriggling in the plush carpet, and thought on the man who’d caused hope to spring up in her chest. Hope that he was truly serious about being here, being with her.

She plopped down in her leather executive office chair, still warm from her body heat, and let her mind go where it willed.

Kinson. Kinson Lee. Yogi extraordinaire…who had taken a red-eye home, rented a car and drove straight here from the airport, sent her breakfast, and canceled his upcoming yoga retreats where he’d been scheduled to teach.

Totally capable of running her life and her business on her own, it didn’t change the fact that she needed him in her life as her partner, not just in her bed…though the bed would be nice. God, when was the last time she’d truly enjoyed a raunchy, messy, all-over-the-house romping good time with her man?

And he was so drool-worthy when he’d stuck his head into her office just a little while ago. Even with the dark circles under his eyes and the exhaustion rolling off of his body, he was still the epitome of delicious.

But there was more to Kinson than looks. The man was steadfast and capable. When he was paying a-fucking-tention, he was as giving a lover as she could have ever asked for. And he could handle her bullheaded tendencies with a loving stubbornness of his own. In fact, he was probably the only person she knew that could successfully get her to rest.

“Madison, sit your butt down somewhere before I turn it another color. Work will be there tomorrow. It’s not going anywhere.”

How many times had he told her that over the years? Well, not lately, but still. Her skin heated at the thought of his wonderfully-delivered spankings—just enough sting on this side of pleasure that she couldn’t really call it a punishment. As tension coiled between her shoulder blades, Madison lifted her hips and eased her underwear down and off. A chuckle escaped when she caught them on the tip of her shoe and kicked them across the room.

Her hand eased beneath the cup of her lacy demi-bra to palm a full breast. Madison moaned at the contact, even as her head filled with images of her husband, naked, ready and willing.

When his hands were on her skin, it felt nothing like when she touched herself. His touch was electric. Alive. Made her blood flash beneath the skin.

She twisted and rolled a nipple until it was a ripe berry between the fingertips. The other hand dipped low and teased the plump lips of her sex until the flesh tingled, eager for more.

Kinson’s name escaped her lips as her spine began a slow undulation that soon became an eager grind of her hips as her fingers pressed into the honey that began to gather at her entrance.

Her legs were spread wide now, one over each chair arm. God, she wished she had a battery operated boyfriend right now. Obviously she was coiled up tight and needed the release.

The soft click of the door closing followed by the deep rumble of male appreciation had her jumping out of her skin.

“Damn, that’s a sexy sight.”

“Kinson! I told Dani I was not to be disturbed.”

“And I see why.”


Pick up your copy today!





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