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Korean Drama and other stuff.

by on July 2, 2015


What’s up I am back!! So I have to say I am officially hooked to Korean Drama’s I mean to the point where I have soundtracks saved on spotify.  Every time I watch a series I am in awe and wonder why can’t I write like that. Some of theses shows make me laugh and cry in the same breath while mumbling afterward oh hell no.

I want to write a book like that!

And the hero’s. Sweet heaven above but do those men look good. So I am inspired now…again…to write a book with an Asian hero. Like I don’t have enough wips open. There is seriously something wrong with me. 🙂

In keeping this post light (I know I can sometimes get a little heavy in my posts) I thought I’d  share. If you are interested in checking out Korean Drama’s yourself here is the link to DramaFever. My suggestion is to start with a show like Pinocchio or Fated to Love You. Let me know if you like them.


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  1. Kassanna, I sooo agree with you. My daughter got me hooked on Korean Dramas…I don’t think I have ever cried watching an American drama series, but why is it that reading subtitles can have you in tears. LOL. Love them. Michelle Monkou turned her on to Korean dramas and REAL K-Pop music.

  2. Melody permalink

    You must look at Cinderella’s Stepsister; Pasta, my favorite of all Coffee Prince. If you are paying for Hulu there are a lot on the channel but the commercials can be ridiculous! Also check out the Viki channel. I thought I was the only sisterlock sista watching K-drama. Welcome to the club y’all!

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