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The Dreaded Second Draft

by on April 6, 2015
Photo by yarruta;

Photo by yarruta;

It’s Spring and I find myself with a first draft.

This week, I’ll be moving forward to the second draft.

For most writers, the second draft will involve cutting the excess and making sure everything flows.

Not me, my second draft will involve adding. I write in scenes where one doesn’t necessarily flow into the next but the story gets told. In the next phase, I’ll set the backdrops. Everything from the setting to the backstory to the transition will get added in. There’ll also have to be some fact checking done in this stage – consult a few sources just to make sure about flight schedules and whether or not a certain flower grows at a certain time.

It’s not the fun part for me and unfortunately, it is happening at my favorite time of the year.

I love opening the windows and feeling the slightly warmed air. I actually spent an hour on my back porch with a glass of soda just listening to music. I would have stayed longer if one of my kiddoes hadn’t demanded lunch.

So in the midst of Spring, I’ll be locked up in a room with my laptop and the window closed. I can’t afford to be distracted because it’s been too long since I’ve completed any work. I’ll enjoy Spring with my characters and hopefully in a few months, you will too.

Happy Spring Everyone!

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