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Spring Is In The Air.

by on March 23, 2015

Good Morning All!

We are int the first week of Spring…goodbye Winter. Luckily, I don’t live up North so my family didn’t get snow. A few frigid days were about it, heavy sweater weather. Since I wasn’t confined to the house I have o clue why I had the doldrums. The sun rays were bright most days and I say next to the window soaking them all in a lot of the time. But toward the end of the last few weeks I felt blah – but that is over baby! Spring is in bloom and I am about to throw open these windows and let the fresh air in.

Its time to do a little housekeeping. Especially where my home office is concerned. Over the Winter I think my files gave birth to ore paper. I have little sticky notes attached to everything. I imagine that after i shut off the lights and close the door my documents get busy and after nine days there are colorful notes running around – free. Yeah don’t judge me. LOL!

So many new idea’s, fresh approaches to some older ones.I know what I need to do. Would love to do and I am so excited to get started. Writing and I have a love/hate relationship. I love to do it and hate when I am impeded from doing so. 🙂 My perusal of office supplies has commenced. I fully admit I probably have an unhealthy need for pens pencils and over sized post it notes, but hey its the little things that make me happy.

In the meantime, I have already bought cleaning supplies and within he next few weeks I will be washing out the old in preparation for the new. I’m a little excited about some awesome things happening this year and look forward to some challenges. To quote Nina Simone. “Its a new dawn…its a new day…and I’m feeling good.”

I told you my plans for Spring. What are you up too this season?



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  1. belindaegreen permalink

    Reading! I want to make a dent in my long TBR list. Tax season is winding down so I ‘ll have so breathing room for a bit.

    Kass, I don’t envy you with the cleaning. Since it’s only me here, I don’t do that type of cleaning anymore. I clean as I go. Good luck my friend. 🙂

    Belinda G

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