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Under disguise. How certain acts affect the authors and the publishing world.

by on March 19, 2015

I came across this as a face book status and given the broo-ha-ha of this book and it’s subject I asked the author’s permission to reprint her commentary as a blog post. She can be found on facebook. I have not edited or altered this post in anyway and applaud the author for her stance. Her views are not necessarily shared with everyone but I like what she had to say.

these brain bruises frustrate me more than i can fully express.

anyway, here goes: Jenny Trout vs. Stephanie Dray

for those of you unfamiliar, this is a huge thing in the erotica world. Dray is an author who takes historical white male figures (from Presidents to Inventors) and writes them with mistresses. for her latest manuscript, this . . . *person* decided to write about Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson.

as an erotica. BDSM. a 14 year old Black slave girl and her nearly four times older master and owner. romanticized.

::takes a breath::

so, Trout, appalled as any fully-functioning and intellectually-processing individual would, expressed her disgust via her website in an honestly calm and presentable manner. she suggested, knowing how things work in the days of 50 Shades of Shit, that if by morbid curiosity one needs to read such shit to find it illegally, not to contribute to this woman’s profits from the torment and victimization of this young slave girl.

of course, the Internets went insane.

by the time i’d read about it, Trout’s opinions and suggestions were being warped into commands against Dray’s right to write (hehe) whatever she wants, violating Dray’s 1st Amendment rights, blah, blah, blah.

now, this is coming from a Black woman that enjoyed Birth of a Nation. before you try to snatch my Card, i learned more about Slavery and Reconstruction and how far we’d gotten within those 190min than i ever did in elementary, middle, and high school.

and this is why i believe Jenny Trout fucked up.

while we live in a time with easy-access information, we also live in time of chosen ignorance. we live in a nation that believes in shout (or shoot) first, ask questions later. we don’t analyze. we don’t fully actualize a situation before executing a half-ass reaction.

Jenny Trout’s reaction has now shifted the focus from protesting this disgusting book to an argument about bullying (a word being used way too often and way too loosely) and free speech, subsequently shoving support Stephanie Dray’s way, no matter the content of the fucking book itself.

this isn’t 1909; if a book is shitty, it will go away. just like that shitty movie Jefferson in Paris is pretty much forgotten. (another take on Hemings/Jefferson.) i understand her need to bring it to light in some sort of way in order for people to be aware of its shittiness (sorry, the lesions brought me this far but refuse any other describer other than variances of shit), but Ms. Trout has to be aware of how brief and cruel the Internets are: they will take a part of your shit and run with it, context be damned. people want sensation and excitement. they will find it any way they please. she also has to understand her “fans” ain’t all thinking the same way she does. i’m pretty sure JD Salinger wasn’t instructing to kill, but Mark David Chapman was ready for his orders and followed through.

we have to tread in a completely different way these days when it comes to the word, written or spoken, and film. certain attention can and will bring an unexpected result, hence Trout being torn apart and threatened and now actually, really, truly bullied and Dray looking like she wrote the goddamn Constitution. Dray’s book will now find the success that it never would have in the first place. doesn’t even matter if people don’t read it; they *bought* the shit. and we all know money talks. i’d never even heard of this ho before this whole thing came up. the issue is being discussed in a *Horror Writers* group. horror! not even erotica or smut! fucking horror! and all because of how this shit got out of hand.

the lesson isn’t the same as BoaN, but it’s still rooted in a warped sense of inconsequential entitlement to the 1st Amendment. perhaps when reading, the elimination of Sally’s assumed consensual and romantic feelings would touch on the torment and hell this young woman went through, but that’s a brain exercise i have no desire to engage in.

we as smut-authors must think in a different way in order to bring the proper attention to this shit book. we have to approach in a way that will do what needs to be done: make this shit disappear. not banned, not censored, but simply fall to the goddamn no-light broke-ass wayside. as the saying goes, bad publicity is better than no publicity. and we just blew this idiot’s shit out of the water.

UPDATE: Dray wrote this under the pseudonym Fionna Free Man (ha! isn’t she cheeky! -__-) and it is “free” on some websites. “free” for self-publishing isn’t the same “free” we think of: the download still counts as a purchase, though there’s no charge to you. it is a marketing ploy to bolster popularity and still lines (by means of half-cents) the author’s pockets in some way. do not fall for this. (only in this case. if my shit is free, y’all better get it. NO EXCUSES!)


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  1. Interesting. That’s all I can say.

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