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An Event in the Making. Interracial Romance Authors Expo

by on March 13, 2015


For a little over a year I have been planning an event. when I started I did want just an expo, I wanted to produce something exciting and unforgettable for a niche that I love. Interracial books.  It was my goal to celebrate the authors that create wonderful works of art and yet stay little known.

As the date looms closer and things change quickly, I wonder will this be the fabulous party I planned or something I didn’t quite expect.

The venue was chosen and secured. Preliminary guests, noted. Then life happened. As the year progressed, authors changed due to circumstances beyond their control, feelings get hurt, people get sick and guests leave. Vendors scheduled months in advance cancel. A celebration of books that was only taking up a few hours a week now consumes whole days as plans are reinvented. As an author, I didn’t anticipate that. as my writing time became less writing and more planning for the expo, I grumble as I log on to my computer every morning as I remind myself i too on this task.

When I talk to other authors I am renewed (if that makes sense.) Invigorated by their excitement, excited to meet women  I have only gotten a chance to skype or chat online with. I talk with readers, answer e-mails and messages and watch them interact with each other discussing plans to attend the event I am so meticulously working on. I gotta tell you the struggle is real because my greatest fear is failing everyone.

Sitting here, next to the window watching my dogs play in the yard, I shift between browsers checking on things before i even start my writing day. I want so desperately to make sure everything goes smoothly. I may have a touch of OCD. I tick off things on the checklist in my head. I don’t just want folks to enjoy themselves, I want them to remember what a fantastic time they had and the shared camaraderie.  I want readers to go home with renewed faith in a genre that has taking a beating lately, tainted by foul books and horrendous writers.

To quote Prince. “I want to party like its 1999.” I’m not the first to plan a convention like this, I know I won’t be that last but I pray the final result is as grand as they party planned out in my head. And maybe I am a little vain but I hope The Interracial Romance Authors Expo is remembered as one hell of an epic event.

If you want to join in on the fun here is the link.

I hope to see you there. I’ll be the chick with the bright pink hair, sitting in a corner sipping my moonshine.

Thanks for taking the time to visit Luscious. Talk with you soon.




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One Comment
  1. belindaegreen permalink

    Kass, it will be epic! I know everyone, authors and readers alike, who attends, will have a fab time!! 😀 I wish I could be there but alas it wasn’t to be this time. Perhaps the next one.

    Girl, you know I’m expecting to see an awesome photo gallery of the event! I plan to experience the fun and mayhem through them!

    I was thinking…how about a contest for one or two of the wonderful gift bags you have planned for the participants for those of us who couldn’t attend? Something to think about alpha.

    Make sure to take care of yourself too…..much love!

    Belinda G

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