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Overcoming Writer’s Block

by on February 17, 2015

To overcome writer’s block, write something.

Well no, dah.

It’s not that easy. Sometimes, there are no words to write.

What are you supposed to do then?

Write something. Anything. And give yourself permission to write terribly.

IMG_20150216_194234_995If you don’t have a clue about how to begin your roadblock writing, try out a few of these:

Story Generators: These online sites will spit out a plot based on your genre. Once you have the idea, write the first scene or the last scene or any scene in the middle.

For romance writers, you may get something like – A confident volunteer at an animal shelter meets a quirky fashion designer on the subway. What begins as an argument over a seat ends up as first love due to a common tragedy.

My two favorite sites are Seventh Sanctum and Romance Novel Plot Generator.

FanFiction: These are fun because you don’t have to come up with character names or traits or backgrounds. Simply pluck them from wherever they are and put them into your story.

Memoir Style: Take a day from your life – the best day or the worst day and write it down. Give it all the detail that you can remember. What time did you wake up? What was the weather like? How were you dressed?

So when you’re suffering with the dreaded writer’s block and you’ve taken enough of a break from the work. Get back to the words…any words.

Happy Writing!

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