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Just the Girls

by on February 6, 2015

St. Valentine’s Day is coming up. And thought how funny this kind-of-a holiday is to me.

When I was a kid, it meant little heart shaped boxes of candy from the drugstore for me. I always made a card for my mom from construction paper. I don’t think I got my dad anything. (Sorry, Daddy)

In high school, it was a depressing time because I didn’t have a boyfriend and I had to see all the roses and stuffed animals filling up the counter space while I read morning announcements.

Then came college, Valentine’s Day was a date night. Maybe the guy was special and maybe he wasn’t. It wasn’t as a big of a whup as I’d imagined in high school.

Fast forward to motherhood. Now the day is about school day cupcakes and non-gender specific Valentine’s Day cards. I get a card from my children. These are emailed to me and are animated.

Those make me smile.

Girls Night OutAnd the evolution of St. Valentine’s Day continues to change for me. Last year, a friend suggested that a group of us go out to dinner on the weekend after St. Valentine’s Day.  It was a group of four of us, all working moms, some married, some not. And believe it or not, we didn’t get together to moan about how tired we were. We talked about how blessed we were.

Talk about your heart filling up with Love? It was amazing!


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  1. belindaegreen permalink

    Loved the post! So whatch gonna do for this year? 🙂

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