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Television, music, and things that move my muse.

by on January 23, 2015


Only those very close to me (crit partners) know I have two muses I have affectionately nicknamed Yin and Yang. One is a male and the other female. They are absolutely polar opposites. Yin is my girl, she is strong and likes to fight, loves music and often bates Yang, my boy, who happens to love crimes shows, in my head. They fight viciously for dominance on who’s book will be written and not once have they ever agreed on an idea. Basically they bitch slap each other until until one submits to the other. Seriously sometimes I really think I might have multiple personalities.

The constant onslaught of chatter can be distracting then suddenly it isn’t. In a spark ignited form whatever I’m doing a storyline will strike. Characters will fill my head. Yin and Yang had weaved a thread, formed a fuse and lit a fire in my imagination.  Then my muses slip quietly into the background and let the story take over. I can tell who won by the story that flows from my fingertips onto my document.

Yin loves the action, she likes the woman to be portrayed as strong and the sex to be hot. Strangely, at least to me, Yang is more thoughtful. The plot can be sweet but it has to have some sort of twist and often I will have both the TV and a musical playlist going at the same time. The different white noises sort of cancels each other out.

I am in awe that books actually get created given the process I go through. Then I am surprised when a reader likes it. Please don’t get me wrong I think my books are great but I am biased. I wrote them. LOL. Honestly anytime anyone contacts me I am just thankful the reader at least understood where I was coming from and if they get lost in a book the way I got lost writing it I consider my job complete. It is my goal to never give the reader a book I wouldn’t want to read.

That’s y story and I am sticking to it. 🙂 Thanks for spending time with me here at Luscious. I will see you later, gator.



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  1. belindaegreen permalink


    Loved your post letting us inside your mind as an author! Seems kinda scary in there with all the Yin and Yang fighting going on. It’s a wonder you come out of the battle unscathed.

    Thanks for sharing. 😀

  2. It’s good to have tow muses that can give such different views to a story 😀

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