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Three Wishes for the Writer

by on December 5, 2014

What if there was a special configuration of stars that appeared during the holiday season and if a writer was lucky enough to see and notice them, then he or she would be granted three wishes?


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What would you ask the writer’s constellation for?

Since I’ve had the chance to think about this, I’ll go first:

1. Twenty-six hours in my writing day: The extra two hours would happen between 8:00PM and 9:00PM because I usually am free to write at this time. Dinner has been cooked, I’ve eaten, signed anything that I need to for the kiddos the next day, and I’m haven’t started yawning yet.

2. A Muse Gate: This is similar to a backyard dog-run. I will put my Muse in my bedroom next to my closet and when I sit down for my two extra hours, I will have her come sit next to me and we’ll get to work. (Of course I will let her out on when I’m sleeping and walk her frequently)

3. A photo shoot for each cover of my self-pubbed books: My characters would pop out of my head into a studio, pose and then pop back into my head. How great would that be?!

So those are my three wishes, ol’ wondrous constellation of writers.

Does anyone else have any?


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