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Don’t let life get in the way of a good story.

by on November 15, 2014

No matter your job you have to come up with a balance or you’ll go insane. Not just the high powered business man or female neurosurgeon cutting her way through the boy’s club. Everyone from your waitress to your favorite actor on TV has to find a balance between life and their job, even if the job do is something they enjoy. A job is a task we all must undertake if we are to eat, clothe and house ourselves. Sure some of us can get away with being exceedingly adorable, but even that wears off it time.

I read an article lately about the disease of being too busy… actually I skimmed it because who has the time to actually read an article longer than 500 words. In the past I’ve read from NYT best sellers that they had to forego family vacations and dinners for almost a decade in order to become NYT best sellers. They praised their family for being so understanding and giving them the needed to time to achieve their dream. My thought is once you’ve achieved it how can you turn down the momentum and would you even know who your family was when you emerged from your writing cave?

Sacrifices are necessary. We’ve all had to make them. Even though I thought I was around for my son and husband for about three years I was a shell wandering around the house that grunted and did laundry. We all hope to win the lottery one day and take time to relax, but for me it would just be the ability to write during traditional working hours.

I’ve tried to keep life at bay while I write a great story, but that can only happen if you have no life to go back to. Until my son leaves for college, my husband just leaves and my friends quit trying to take me out I guess life will get in the way. If that means I need extension or I sleep through a movie I’m supposed to be watching while snuggled with my husband so be it. The story will be there and it will be great, not just good. Because I’ll have life experiences to add and isn’t that why we read in the first place? To discover a life different from our own.


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  1. Ah, the elusive balance. This isn’t something writers struggle with and then overcome. It’s an ongoing process, because as life changes, we have to start all over again trying to strike a balance. Most of us suck at this. We always find ourselves feeling guilty for writing when the house is a mess, or guilty for starting a new project when we should be editing an old one. And there’s always someone around who will try to make you feel even worse because you’re not doing what they think you should be doing.

    “Mom’s always on her computer,” or “Mom never hears us,” or “Are you still doing that writing stuff?” is what I get at my house, but when I’m not on the computer, the kids are off doing their own thing anyway. I get way less writing done than I’d like. By trying to stay emotionally available and by “hearing” my family, I never fully enter the writing cave. It’s hard to stay in the zone. So, you see, I’m still looking for balance too.

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