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Dark is the new light

by on November 7, 2014


Lately I’ve noticed a plethora of not only scary, but odd movies and books, whether on TV or popping up on my ereader. The subject matter appears to pick up where older movies and books would end just as things became ugly.

Things that bother the mind.

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Recently I had the experience of visiting an old fear. Out shopping with my daughter, after she’d exhausted my patience, I said, “I knew I should have left you in the onion field when we found you years ago.”

A voice from behind me replied, “I have the gypsies on speed dial and the carnival folks can be here in ten.”

As a child, to hear about being given to the gypsies or carnival people was my kryptonite, so I was leery of turning around to see this person’s face. (Fortunately, it was another mother feeling my pain.)

It was surreal to hear someone mentioning the gypsies taking my child the way my mother would tell me years ago in the grocery store.

Now, go back to the new shows and books and you’ll find all of your childhood oddities making it onto the screen and on paper.

Horror Stories, Z Nation, Gotham, Haven, Defiance…everything dark has become popular. Yet, what impressed me was the writing. It accepts other cultures more so than mainstream writing.

Interracial relationships are common on many of these shows and no one blinks an eye. Perhaps that’s the intrigue of the odd and scary. There’s someone for everyone.

There are many interracial and multicultural authors with wonderful odd stories to tell that will blow your mind. A few that I have indulged in are on this site. Read what you like then spread the word. If helps.

Have a great day, Cora Blu


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