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The November Rush

by on November 6, 2014

I have yet to write a NaNo book. Have I written a book in a month? Yes. Have I set daily goals to complete something? Yes. But NaNo, nope haven’t taken the plunge… although I’m kind of doing it this year. Unofficially. Book three of The Frozen is due to my publisher on December 1st. The NaNo rules do not allow for edits. Its a time for authors to purge everything onto the page and deal with the pesky edits later. I’m pretty sure my publisher would frown if I didn’t at least spell check, let alone edit before submitting my final manuscript.

And then there’s my December release and it’s final edits. The Politician’s Heart, book three of The Growing Strong Series, will release from Secret Cravings Publishing in December. Again the nasty four letter word not to be uttered in November EDIT. What can I say I’m hitting the book three trifecta right now. Frozen book three, Growing Strong book three and my editor promised me he’d have book three of the Chrysalis series to me by the end of the month. Three times the books set in three different worlds all running around my head.

Do I wish I was doing NaNo right now? Yes, strangely. Although I like hitting daily goals it’s not for that reason. See I have a four part contemporary series that needs to be started as well a paranormal series with no set end to the number of books bumping heads with the three books I’m trying to get through this month.

Here’s the problem, I’m a panser, I don’t figure out my writing schedule for the year. I let my characters talk to me and try to write the loudest one first. Only now I’ve got deadlines and I’m signing deals for series, not just individual books I have completed. I’m a new writer, with new goals and one of them is to get through the first part of next year. This year has been a major transition in my writing career. I’ve learned to self publish and be a hybrid. I’ve attended conferences and met amazing writers and readers. And I’m stepping into worlds I’d abandoned when I set down my camera years ago… I’m just glad I held on to my lighting and backdrops.

For all the NaNo writers out there I’ll join you one year I promise, but take solace in the knowledge that like you I’m writing a novel in month, editing a novel this month and bracing for a new year and new horizons.



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