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A Mother’s Love of Horror Films

by on October 26, 2014

IMG_20130607_175759I spent yesterday with my daughter doing everything she wanted to do (without complaint of being tired) because it was her birthday.

Happy Birthday to my Mags!

And as always I reminisced about that morning that she was born into the world. I’d been on bed rest for three weeks because I kept going into pre-mature labor. Add that to swollen extremities, gestational diabetes, acid reflux and well, let’s just say this was a nightmare pregnancy. So when I started having contractions in the early morning hours of October 25, 2000 (four weeks before her forty week due date), I decided that thirty-six weeks was enough. I waited until the contractions were less than five minutes apart and headed into the hospital.

Despite my foolishness, my daughter was born healthy. And something amazing happened when I looked at her– my being filled with the most unbelievable sense of Love that my heart felt like it was bursting.

It’s something that I can only call a Mother’s Love.

Sweet right? But leave it to the evil genius of certain writers to turn that tender moment into something that will make your toes curl.

So for those of you who like spine-tingling horror films, I give you my Mother’s Love Halloween Five:

Psycho: To please his mother, a psychopathic killer unleashes terror in a roadside motel

Mama: Restless spirit kills those who get too close to her babies

The Woman in Black: Mother kills children to avenge the death of her son

Carrie: Mother keeps powerful secret in order to protect her daugther

Frightmare: Cannibalism – like mother like child.

Mmmmwahhaaa…watch and scream!



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  1. Jamallah Bergman permalink

    I love horror movies but I only like certain ones…..I don’t like the new ones they have out cause they literally piss me off,lol

    Anything from the 50’s and 60’s and even 70’s are some really good movies that came out during that time. Especially those that came from England….in the Hammer Studios…..this is where you see tons of movies with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee (who has been in alot of Tim Burton movies over the years as well as Lord of the Rings). Some really good movies came from those studios.

    But I do enjoy a great old horror flick…and oh yeah even the silent era movies are good too.

    So much to look forward too during October or any month

  2. You have to see The Woman in Black…it has the old world feel with a wonderful script and a talented cast. And I screamed my head off!

  3. Jamallah Bergman permalink

    I’ll have to check that one out….I had been wanting to see it cause it looked freakish

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