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Scary Movies that Made Me Laugh

by on October 24, 2014


It’s October, the time of the year where I watch scary movies either early in the morning, or from behind my husband’s shoulder at night.  But there are some movies that are so ridiculously silly they can’t even scare me.  I mean, really, Leprechaun?

The Killer Shrews

Just the title.  Killer.  Shrews.  At first glance, one would think it’s about a bunch of loud women on a killing spree, which you gotta admit, would be a lot scarier.  No, this movie is about actual shrews and how they kill. Oh, and making them GIANT shrews does not amp up the terror.

I first saw this movie on Mystery Science Theatre 3k, which took any potential scariness right out of the picture.


The GingerDEAD Man

Man, I’m laughing at the damn trailer.  And Gary Busey.  Why not just throw a glass of milk on this b*tch?  Shoot, water worked for those aliens in Signs and I was way more scared by them!

The Wicker Man – Remake with Nicolas Cage

Nicolas. Cage.  Need any more be said?  Between his scary hair, amped up acting and…running around in a bear suit…I stared at the screen with my mouth half open with disbelief or simple shock.  A ridiculous movie.

 The Shaft – with Naomi Watts

This movie is about a killer elevator.  Enough said.  Also, Ron Perlman is in it.




What are some of your favorite “scary” movies that make you laugh? I could use a few more to add to my collection so leave them in the comments.  Boo!!



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  1. Jamallah Bergman permalink

    Toxic Avenger
    The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
    The Brain that Wouldn’t Die
    Dr. Orloff’s Monster
    The Awful Dr. Orloff
    Black Sunday
    The House on Haunted Hill
    The Legend of Hell House
    The Vampire Lovers
    The Gorgon
    Abominable Dr.Phibes

    There are plenty more,lol, some of these are classics and can be found on Netflix while some can’t be found but most of them are supposed to be scary but they make you laugh because of how the movie is made.

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