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Eighteen and counting

by on October 18, 2014

It seems appropriate that I got a blog on the eighteenth. It’s been eighteen years since I started dating my husband. Eighteen is a magical number in our society. It’s the age when we are considered an adult. Historically we leave the home or finish your last year of high school. Either way it’s the culmination of your youth.

Now how does this relate me dating my husband? Simple. My relationship is officially grown up. Trust me this was something I never saw coming. We’ve had our growing pains. Especially in those pesky tween and teen years, but somehow we’re old enough now to vote, drink and get tattoos.

We all remember infancy when everything was new and cool. You wanted to smell, taste and feel everything. For the first few months you can’t see past two feet. You want to be held and snuggled. Yes… we all know those lust filled early stages of falling in love. Slowly new friends are introduced and you adapt to your surroundings. Learning to get along and discovering new activities you would have never tried if someone else hadn’t brought you there.

As we grow we discover new things find new passions, but do so with support. Raging against each other, but still returning to the one person that loves us most. Now since I’m a grown–up it seems as if my husband and I are setting out on a new journey, just like when I left home and went to college. True, we have a kid who just entered high school so as he finds autonomy we seem to be too. New adventures are around every corner and much like when I went off to college the world around me is what I make of it. I’m ready to take chances once again. In my writing I’ll be trying new genres and attempting to push myself. And isn’t that what an eighteen year old should do?

I’ve graduated, I’ve achieved something most don’t anymore. My parents for the most part didn’t make it this long. In my relationship we’re taking steps and setting out in the world. We have the maturity of an adult mixed with the adventurous spirit of a teenager. What could make a relationship better than that?

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