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When a series gets in your blood.

by on October 9, 2014

When I approached SSP with my idea for Pack Rulez I only had three books in mind.  Never did I think I would spin of so many books in that series or even dream up other worlds within that universe. It was like the door to shifters opened and ideas just poured through my mind. I was awed at the ferocity of my ideas and how quickly they came. What started as three books turned into twelve. Then there was the other shifters flitting through my head, demanding their own stories. Other worlds were created. From a tiny seed came three different series and characters that are still yet to be unveiled.

The creative mind is an amazing thing.

I would like to introduce you to the next set of Pack Rulez and their release dates. I would also like to thank those of you that read the series. Your belief in my characters is what spurs me to write on. 🙂


Blurb ~ Coming Oct 11th

Colin Blaidd did it all for love.

She was his mate, but fate kept them apart. He was a father with responsibilities not just to his family but to his clan. Avoiding the landmines in his life was a tedious lesson in patience. Robbie was worth the struggle. In the end he would possess her and lead the Shifter Nation. All it took was time.

A world she never knew existed.

Robbie was recruited by Malachai before she finished college to work in a government installation. She didn’t realize those very people she had grown to trust would betray her. Playing a deadly game of charades she turned to the one man that had promised to protect her. Colin was both man and beast, a test subject. But she hoped his savagery would be enough to save them all.



Blurb~ Coming Nov 15th

Loubel Teche knew from the time he could shift Kiele Porc was his. He watched and waited until the time was right to claim her.

In one glorious evening they came together, and their mating was explosive. Secretly, they planned a life together. Then she disappeared and his family was in shambles. With a son he couldn’t claim, he stayed close navigating the various clans of Betaille, he knew didn’t like him.

To watch his boy grow and wait for his mate to return.

Kiele is back, and she brought trouble with her, misere. After her absence she can’t turn to her family for fear they will be caught up in her problems. But she wants to hold her son she left with her kin to protect her clan and claim the man she mated all those years ago. She knows only Loubel can help her.

And he is prepared to rain hell down on anyone that would stand in the way of him reclaiming his family.


And the saga continues…


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  1. A series lit by the torch of a writer is brought to a roaring fire within its readers. There are truly some series that I’ll read over and over. I believe I’ve read Christine Feehan’s Dark Series at least 4 times and mind you, that is 26 books! The fantasy world created by a talented writer becomes your own.

  2. belindaegreen permalink

    Kass, so looking forward to all the stories that are wandering thru you creative mind. They make for great reading! Yes, even about the evil witch…. :/ lol

  3. Fist bump!!!!!! Yes I can’t wait, just got my Omega now I’m waiting for Misere :o)

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