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Redemption of Blood

by on October 7, 2014

Well I guess the time has finally come. This book took me longer than most I’ve ever written. Partially because of distractions and partially because publishing frustrations. But those who read the first book of The Frozen wanted more. Demanded really. I doubt the Misery references would have actually occurred… hopefully not. But here I am a few days from release. The book is currently on pre-order on Amazon and is available this Friday. What am I doing to celebrate? I’m getting a tattoo. That wasn’t the initial plan, but the stars align some times and it’s fitting since my hero Schmitty, likes to get tats to show where he’s been and what’s he done. Being eighty, but looking nineteen, his ink needs to have meaning so he thinks about everyone. Now I am the same way. I got my first tattoo when I was nineteen. I waited a year after it was legal so I could choose something with meaning to me personally. On my right ankle I have Mercury’s foot (you know the winged one) above and below it are the words “Runners to your mark”. Now almost as many years after I got my first one I’m finally getting my second. On my right shoulder will be an old fashion typewriter with books flying off the page and across my back. Fifteen to be exact… I’m sure you can figure out why that is. with my whole left arm still to fill I have a feeling I won’t be waiting nineteen years to be getting my next one. If you want a special delivery on Friday morning, why not stop by Amazon and pick up a copy of Redemption of Blood.

Preorder now available on Amazon.


Trisha O’Driscoll started tending bar to give her a free schedule and quick cash. She never thought the young solider that wandered in with a fake ID would want a woman almost twenty-years-older. Although they drew the line at commitment, Trisha can’t help falling for this mysterious stranger and his dark past. James Schmitt took his life to escape his pain. The offer from Gabriel for salvation gave him a chance to take responsibility for his actions, but his inner demons won’t stop tormenting him. Gabriel gave but one order—protect his partner Kiriana at any cost. And he’ll be damned if he lets anyone down ever again. Princess LaDressa, daughter of Lucifer, has come for revenge on the woman who slew her beloved Damarion. Kiriana holds his ashes, and with them, his only chance for resurrection. One way or another, LaDressa will be united with her love.


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