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Writing for the fun of it.

by on September 15, 2014

I wrote a book, yes I know I write books, but this is something I had never written before. I penned a novella titled Lucky’s Charm. A fantasy with a few elements I have never tackled before like other worldly hero’s and no I am not referring to aliens. I have to admit, researching the myths and legends was fun. Armed with the knowledge of leprechauns, trolls and giants, I molded that information into a story. One I truly hope readers will enjoy. 🙂

Lucky's Charm

Blurb –

Landis is stuck. Dropped into another world, far from a fantasy of her choosing, she searches for a way home. Lost, she must depend on fairy tale beings, and soon, she realizes just how wrong those stories are.

Even in Lucky’s world it is rare to see a woman fall out the sky. He saves the lass and knows without a doubt that she is the one meant for him; though she isn’t from his world and he’s a wanted elf bonded to a unicorn. So he has a few issues to clear up? If it means Landis staying, he is willing to brave a giant’s wrath, battle banshees, and conquer the trolls.

With a little finesse and a lot of loving, Landis just might be all the charm Lucky needs.

Link –

Did I mention, I also have a new Shifter Legends release! This is book four of the series and I finally got to tell Mags story and what a ride that was. Dragons and yetis and treasure…Oh my.  Seriously, as is always the case with my books the fun is in the writing.

K_Beast Protector_200x300

Blurb –

Magdalena Rafi didn’t want a mate. She found herself with two. The next clue to the dragon horde just got more complicated.

Ratchet was a beast on a mission. Finding the other half of his soul broke a powerful connection to the dragon that kept him captive. Free, he sets out to destroy his captor and complete the bond. She has other ideas.

Time is running out. Somehow they must find equal footing, or everything gained will be lost. She must choose wisely or run the risk of being shackled to the wrong shifter forever.

Link –


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