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What if the memories aren’t yours?

by on September 13, 2014

What if the memories weren’t yours?

Contemporary Romance

Contemporary Romance

Ever wonder why you fear things you’ve never attempted? Or have an aversion to people or places? I did, after reading a science news article a few months ago.

In the article it explained how a fear trait was passed from one lab mouse to another, by triggering the scent of cherry blossom’s to being electrocuted. Sad, I know, yet that’s how the report went. Now later the mouse, not pregnant when the test took place, gave birth to mice that were automatically afraid of the smell of cherry blossoms.

Where am I going with this story?

I took it a step further and incorporated it into my hero and heroine having an emotional connection to one another though a collection of oil paintings passed down in their respective families. Both have separate agendas why they want the complete collection, yet they can’t avoid the romance rapidly brewing under the surface between them. But is it real or memory’s from their ancestors?

You can read the science article at the link below.

My book Hidden Justice is set to release September 30, 2014
The reviews have labled the story warm and passionate.
I hope you enjoy T’kelah and Imad’s story.


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