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A Weekend of Plotting

by on September 8, 2014

Segretaria stressataI spent this weekend plotting…not to overtake anything just to get a story out.

Over the last few years, I’ve become a more detailed plotter. It started with a simple timeline so that I could keep the days straight in a story. I then added in character details on a single page so that no one changed hair color midway through or aged two years in the span of one. Because this was done using a Word document, my pre-writing work didn’t always show through in the finished project (thank you, editors!).

Now my personal need for schedules and timelines and my reluctant muse are working together using some writing software. So far, I’m liking all the gadgets and gizmos. It gives me the opportunity to have my character notes in one section and what was essentially my timeline is now in place at the top of each chapter.

Within each chapter, there are those helpful questions – What is main character’s goal in each scene? Does he/she achieve the goal? Who are the supporting characters in the each scene? And because it is a romance, the questions become specialized – What is the level of intimacy in this scene?

Because I’ve only done the plotting so far, I don’t know if the questions will inspire me or slow me down but I’m willing to give the product a try! I’ll let you know how the actual writing process goes now that the major plot points are done.


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  1. belindaegreen permalink

    Fingers are crossed that the plotting and planning ends is a wonderful book for us the readers. Go Vallory! 😀

  2. Thanks Belinda, I’m giving an update on my next posting date so stay tuned to know if I got it done or pitched the whole idea! Eeeks!

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