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Relax Your Mind

by on September 5, 2014

Mint Leaves

…and the rest will follow.  September is a busy time for those with families.  School shopping in August is stressful enough, but when that is followed with the new routines and rituals of the opening days of school, you may find yourself and your family stressed and exahausted.  Sleep schedules are changed, meal times have changed and, ach, homework, becomes an issue once again.

The best way to deal with the stress is not to yell and scream and push.  This is the best way, however, to send those stress levels through the roof!  No.  Relate, relax and release the tension with a few easy steps.

Ever wonder why the teacher gets an apple on the first day (or any day) of school?  I don’t know how that tradition started, but I’m sure you can run a search for it.  😉  However, I do know inhaling the scent of a fresh green apple may help to take away the stress headache threatening to sideline you.  Lavender essential oil is always good to soothe the soul and will help those keyed-up children wind down and go to sleep with a smile on their faces.

Are you one of the ones that eats while stressed, then stress over the added pounds?  Eat and stress no more.  Inhaling the smell of peppermint essential oil or crushed mint leaves might curb that stress induced appetite and cut those cravings.  Try mint flavored water or peppermint gum/mints such as Altoids.  (Be careful of high sugar content though.)

Ah, chocolate.  It does help!  Nibbling on dark chocolate can assist in reducing levels of cortisol (the stress hormone).  However, be sure the chocolate is dark(70% cacao and up)   and keep intake low because chocolate does have lots of calories.  I stick to 85% cacao.

Of course, deep breathing, meditation and yoga are all great for reducing stress, but when you only have a second to spare, hopefully these tips will help!




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