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Dog Lover or Glutton for Punishment? Is There Really a Difference?

by on September 4, 2014

I love animals, especially dogs. They have been a part of my life for almost as long as I can remember. There is a special place in my heart for especially large dogs and I couldn’t tell you exactly why. So here I am with two kids and husband and two loving but men doggies. Tater, a beagle mix who is allergic to grass (go figure) with a Nepolean complex a mile long and Shadow, a pit mix that I fear could be kidnapped and made a fighting dog. Just for the record my money would be on him. Both of whom are living the good life in my garage with four fans directed at their cages and all the food they could ever want. Yeah it’s good to be an animal in my house.

So why did I want another dog?

I ask myself that yet again in retrospect. We had a routine down, no muss no fuss…and I went and got another dog. A Great Dane no less who at six weeks was really cute and now at sixteen months is still a cutie just a huge one at a hundred and five pounds. The vet has already advised me she will easily top one twenty. But Dame Koko Channel, yes that is her name, is my constant companion. Where I goes she follows and I mean that literally. I have no privacy, not even in the bathroom. Sorry TMI. 🙂 She lays at my feet while I work and honestly she is the best natured dog I have ever had and trust me when I tell you I have had a lot.

Then I went and did something that even baffles me and yeah I did it.

I picked up a rescue from a Great Dane Organization. Master Ice, is a gorgeous white Dane with light brown markings and he is ten months old. He also happens to weight seventy-six pounds. My vet thinks he will probably top out at a hundred and sixty pounds. Why would you do that? I hear the questions on the other side of the computer screen and I shake my head and shrug. Because I am a sucker, Ice, is deaf and abandoned and even though he proves to be a challenge on a daily basis. I couldn’t leave him.

We are working on hand signs and he is loud. Yeah, he barks but h can’t hear himself so he barks a lot. We are working on that and hand signs. But when he wants to ignore me, the bugger just closes his eyes. Now my dogs may not be completely trained but they listen to me well the three do. Ice just likes to try my patience I think. 🙂 But I will persevere and I do believe I have a masochistic streak buried somewhere deep in my psyche. I mean why else would I do this to myself?



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  1. belindaegreen permalink

    Yes, that is the question….why? SMH…. 🙂

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