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The premise of the Underwater Brothers of Element Series

by on September 2, 2014

Some of you have read my underwater shifter story, but may not know the full premise behind the brothers. And with the upcoming release this month of book III  I’d like to share that. 

Sometimes a punishment is a gift. 


Nearly five thousand years ago, thieves didn’t just pilfer from the land, they also fished the ocean for its hidden treasures.

Edward Bartholomew, an angler with a bleak future, rescued the dark-skinned young slave girl and her son out of the water when the ship they were on went down. Many died that day, yet something about her called to his heart.

After his own wife lost her battle with cholera, he lost his locked away heart to the dark-skinned breath of fresh air, and her and her son became his family. They’d shared his quarters and she his bed.    

Love overwhelmed him, and wanting to give her and the boy the world, he went after the ocean’s biggest legend and wealthiest possession…Clear Coral.

It was touted to have been a gift, molten sulfur burning in the earth’s core pushing up through the layers of magma and differing temperature extremes to bubble beneath the white sand. Collecting the many bacteria and living organisms to merge with the cooling ocean currents.

Upon contact with the sand covering the ocean floor, it was said to have crystalized into the shape of a coral. Housing fire and ice and a mix of gases, when it was released it transformed the larger fish and mammals to take on the human form at will.

The ocean was alive.

Edward’s punishment for attempting to steal it left him sequestered to the ocean to guard it in tiger shark form.

Edward Bartholomew, for your treachery, you and your offspring will spend your life protecting Clear Coral’s existence and the shifters in the five main bodies of water around the world.

You will continue in the ocean as tiger sharks. Able to shift into human form, you will only survive on land no more than twelve hours and your children will remain in human form until adolescence.

As a tiger shark, you will be hunted by the very occupation you dishonored by attempting to rob the ocean of its jewel, and the shifters ability to change form.

On the ocean’s surface scanning the waters for her love, the dark-skinned slave girl died of a broken heart when he never returned to the ship. Feeling broken himself, he buried her body beneath the Clear Coral to have her with him in the sea and left the child in the boat pushing it on land as a family played on the shores.

He waited until the family rescued the child. Once the boy had a new home safe from the ocean, he returned to his punishment as guard of Clear Coral.  

Over time, he mated and started a family with another tiger shark shifter.

Little did he know that slave girl he buried years ago, was the very nutrient Clear Coral craved, replenishing her existence to feed the life in the ocean. All life evolved from Africa and needed her DNA. Yet as Clear Coral was formed from the heat in the earth and the water of the ocean, she would need a combined feeding to continue thriving. DNA. A female that loved the ocean or ocean life would be mated to Edwards offspring.

Now, Clear Coral had begun to die, unable to grow, requiring the nourishment from Edwards’s offspring and their mate to replenish the nutrients the slave girl provided all those years ago.

Unless your offspring can find their life mates in their dreams, the ocean will overrun the land. Wicked storms will bubble from the ocean floor. Tsunami, tornado, hurricanes, waterspouts, floor shifts…

Around the world, the tectonic plates shifted on the ocean floor, leaving gaps and separating one body of water to lash at the land. Corals were dying at an alarming rate along with those abusing the marine world out of greed and ignorance.

Keep her alive and you keep the ocean from swallowing the land.

They must find their mates. Find the female who had a love for the ocean and was willing to walk away from all she knew to save your world. She belonged to the sea.

Now the six tiger shark brothers in that lineage were up against a time clock to find their life mates and station baby corals around the world’s oceans to keep the shifts going.


Saving the oceans one female at a time.

Below is the picture on the mug that will be given away in October.

Sincerly, Cora Blu.

Ridge1 (4)



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