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A Luscious Post ~ Duty, Honor, Courage by RJ Cree

by on August 28, 2014



Excerpt ~

It was after a particularly stressful day at work that Danica made the decision to visit Andrew. He had been able to get Danica an on-base pass for when she wanted to visit him. She drove onto the base and as usual seeing the parades going on put a smile on her face. She had a key that he’d given her if she felt like she needed to get away from her place, or if anyone was bothering her. She hadn’t used it before without giving him a call but she knew that he fully expected her to use the key whenever she wanted. Turning off the car she got out and made her way to his room. Once she was in front of the door she found her set of keys and opened the door.

As she walked in she was immediately assaulted by a foul odor. The distant sound of the shower could be heard so she knew Andrew was showering, but the odor was coming from his uniform, which was neatly folded, on a chair in the middle of the room. The uniform smelled like a gym locker and she coughed loudly as the stench hit her throat. The smell assaulted her senses and she couldn’t help the way her hand found her nose as she almost gagged. She’d never realized how badly he needed the shower until she was in the room smelling his uniform first hand.

Andrew heard the cough while he was in the shower and snapped his head around. He turned off the water and grabbed a towel. He wrapped it around himself and stalked out of the shower not realizing Danica was in the room. His eyes bugged out, and when she saw him her eyes also bulged. She stared for a long while before he got a quirky smile on his face. “Enjoying the view?” he asked crossing his arms. Danica felt the blush spread along her cheeks and turned away.

She had indeed enjoyed the view, but he didn’t need to know that. “Umm … hi Andrew … I uh … just wanted to say hi and see you,” she squeaked out.

“It’s okay.” Andrew chuckled and went back into the bathroom to dry off. He made sure he was good and dry, then put on his running shorts. He walked out with the towel over his shoulders and saw Danica still standing there turned away from him. He realized she was blushing and decided to clear the air, literally. He took his uniform and put it in the closet, then took out a bottle of fabric spray for the smell, and sprayed it down. He also grabbed a can of aerosol spray to get the stench out of the room and sprayed liberally. Once done, he turned and looked at her. A smug smile came to his face when he realized that she was still covering her nose.

“Well, hope it doesn’t stink so much for you now,” he said. Danica sighed and shook her head. When she got her composure back she turned towards him and the first thing that caught her eye was the tattoo along his midsection. The words “Duty, Honor, Courage” were boldly emblazoned along his abs. Thoughts of her tongue running along his abs made her mouth dry. Unconsciously her tongue tried to moisten her lips. Her legs started to shake a bit as she took in his firm chest and shoulder muscles. She’d always admired his muscled form through clothes but shirtless she was mesmerized. “Well you’ve seen me, now what?” he asked joking as he walked back into the bathroom.

“Dinner?” she blurted out after getting back her ability to speak.

“Let me get dressed then,” he said. “Be out in a sec.” Danica walked out of the room and onto the balcony leaving the door opened to air out the smell of locker room and canned flowers. Her face was hot and she was glad for her dark complexion but she could tell the blush was there. She giggled as she waited on the balcony of the barracks. Danica had a pleasant smile on her face when Andrew returned to the room. He had dressed in a nice pair of khaki slacks with a red button up shirt.

One of the things Andrew took pride in was his appearance, and when with her he always wanted to look good. Danica was no slouch in the looking good department either. Her toned body and generous curves were encased in a light pink blouse and black skirt. She took the arm offered her by him and they walked down the walkway to their cars. “Andrew, I don’t mean to be rude, but what was that smell in your room?” she asked not wanting to be impolite. “That, my dear, is the lingering aroma of sixty one recruits. They get two showers a day, but they still reek,” Andrew said as they began to walk down the steps.

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