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A Luscious Feature ~ Midnight Guard by Laurel Cremant

by on August 21, 2014


Blurb ~
Book 4 in the Best Selling Golden Pack Alphas serial

The ties that bind…After a traumatic event, Georgia and Marcus have become tied in unexpected ways. Georgia must come to terms with her actions and her new connection to Marcus, even as the threat of outside forces press in.

Marcus wants nothing more than to keep Georgia close and explore the bond they share. However, convincing her that trust and love go hand in hand takes time their current danger doesn’t allow.

With time running out, new alliances are made, new secrets revealed and enemies exposed in this explosive installment of The Golden Pack Alphas.

Note: This story unfolds across multiple installments.

Excerpt ~
Marcus heard the confusion and fear in her voice. Her secrets didn’t surprise him, but the extent to which she was willing to go through to keep them, shocked him. She’d been doing more than hiding herself, she’d locked away everything that she was behind some wall. If she continued along the same path, it would destroy her and he couldn’t allow that to happen.“Maybe it’s time for you to lose a little more control,” he said.

“Control is all I have,” she said softly.

“Not anymore.”The soft chime of his cell phone down the hall, drifted into the room. She shifted in his arms and pushed him away, trying to sit up.“Ignore it,” he said puling her back down to him.

“No. We have suspects to interrogate and a pack to rule remember? It’s time to get back to reality,” she said.She rolled to the edge of the mattress and dropped her legs down to the floor.

Her smooth back curved down to the rounded curve of her ass. He watched the gentle sway of her hips as she stood and made her way to the door.“That’s where you’re wrong,” he told her retreating back, “We never left it.”

Her shoulders stiffened and she paused on the threshold to the hall.“Maybe,” she said, “but some things are better left forgotten.”

With a low growl, He was across the room in an instant pressing her against the wall. She didn’t fight his hold and met his angry gaze with an icy look of her own. His pulse raced at the fire in her eyes. Her strength was both a turn on and source of frustration. She may say she wanted to forget last night but he knew better. Even with her eyes flashing up at him, her body softened and molded against his.“I’d believe you if I didn’t have your mark on my neck and the memory of your pussy coming all over my cock,” he whispered to her.

“You’re letting your ego show again, Marcus,” she said, tilting her chin up and firming her jaw.“No. Unlike like you, I don’t hide who I am or what I want. You’re mine Georgia Walker. You have been from the beginning. You can’t turn back time and you sure as hell can’t pretend you weren’t with me every step of the way in that bed. We’re in this together and I’ll make damn sure you don’t forget that,” he said.

Cupping her face in his hands, he slammed his lips down onto hers. He swallowed her cry of anger, and swept his tongue into the sweet cavern of her mouth. He expected her to push him away, but her hands twined around his neck and held him close.Groaning, he ran his hands down her sides and gripped her hips, pulling her against him. His cock was hard and swollen between them. He ground his hips against her, and with a moan, she jumped up and wrapped her long legs around his hips. Her hot sex rubbed against him testing his control. Wrenching his lips away—he ended the kiss

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