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The right Atmosphere

by on August 16, 2014


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Courtesy of

In romance intimate moments happen everywhere. At the front door, with that good night kiss. Standing at the kitchen sink and you feel strong fingers encircling your waist and his face resting against the back of your head. Or, sitting under a shared blanket on the sofa while watching a movie.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

If you could stage one room in a romance, for an intimate scene, which room would it be? And which colors do you find romantic? Is there music playing or are the windows open with a slight breeze fluttering the edges of the curtains?

What does it smell like? Spices, fruit, chocolate… pound cake… Does it even have a scent?1133322692-47151

Don’t hold back. Tell me what you like.


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  1. belindaegreen permalink


    My room would be a wonderful bedroom with a fireplace. Music would be playing,,, either Mindi Abair or Dave the sax! No lights or candles only the fireplace. I love incense–vanilla/lavender. It would be burning on a table somewhere in the room. The bedroom color scheme would be pastel peach. I love those colors! On the floor in front of the fireplace would be champagne, a bowl of peaches and crème—yum! A thick soft pillow mattress would be ready and waiting. The night would be talking, sharing, and making love. Oh yes!… 🙂

  2. You had me at Dave Koz. Years ago my mother went to a Dave Koz concert in the park and during intermission he sat and talked with her. She called me bragging for three days about how sexy he was.
    Now add the fireplace and that’s a good scene.
    Thanks, Belinda. I’ll have to call and remind her of that.

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