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One Writer’s Confession

by on August 8, 2014

Beautiful woman making a hushing gestureHere goes…

I haven’t finished a project in months. I’ve started. I’ve revised. I’ve contemplated sending pieces out to beta readers and I simply haven’t.

When I started this writing / publishing journey in 2011, I went with what was in my heart. I let the characters tell their stories to me and I typed them onto on a page. Now almost three years later, I find myself editing instead of writing. 

That’s not the correct phrasing.

Where’s the action?

Where’s the conflict in that scene?

The dialogue is stilted.

The pacing is slow.

Arghhh! I’ve driven myself mad for the last few months.

So how to get over myself?

For starters, I have to write something and finish it.

Thankfully, there are writing sites like Wattpad that allow me to throw up a flash fiction piece so that I remember how the English language fits together into something besides a grocery list. And then there are sites like Valent Chamber where my creativity combines with my inner nerd and for a moment, I am a TV script writer. Most recently, I fancy myself a writer for the CW’s Supernatural so if you’re interested you can find me there.

And secondly, I’ve just got to do it. I’ve taken out a manuscript, blown the proverbial dust off it and this weekend, it’s just the two us. The laundry has been done. The casseroles cooked. And it’s going to be just me and Tara and Aaron.

We’re going to make this work, if it kills me!


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  1. Jamallah Bergman permalink

    I can totally relate to how you are feeling.

    I’ve been dealing with a lot of things lately and I’ve had nothing but bad luck coming my way. It took me forever after there was a bit of calm for me to at least be able to finally get my head back into writing once more.

    Even then, it took me months to get a book that was supposed to have been out months ago. I had to push myself into writing it. Thankfully it will be out in September but as I said, I totally understand.

    Right now things have been going pretty smoothly so far with my writing….the ideas have been flooding through as well as the characters and I hope that I can get the work out for others to be able to enjoy.

    I’m glad that things are working out for you and you are working on something new.

    Take Care!
    Jamallah Bergman

  2. You can do it.

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