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How much dirt is too dirty?

by on August 5, 2014

Do you prefer your hero to be without fault? 

Can the criminal be your hero?

Dark wet street

Dark wet street

I recently read a review that labeled one of my most beloved heroes as a criminal. So of course I had to think about that. Not that I’d change him, but it stirred the thoughts of how close to becoming the criminal can we take our hero before he slips on the slope of no return?

Whether the criminal be male or female they need an edge. An edge they have no qualms about crossing and still maintain it’s their right to get even or take what they feel they deserve.

Normally it’s something negative, painful or mentally dysfunctional from their past that created the person they are today.

So perhaps he was a criminal in his intentions to preserve his family and the people of his country from being fleeced of their earnings.

It happens.

What do you think? Can your hero be a little dirty?

Jonathan from “You Called Me, was no Boy Scout.

Stay out of trouble,

Cora Blu


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  1. I like my heroes with issues. Mostly, I like them arrogant, but I’m exploring some greater character flaws in my new series. No one likes a perfect person because it’s not realistic. Now when it goes into him being a criminal, well I only go that far nowadays if it’s a shifter story. He’ll kill because it’s instinct. In contemporary, I think there’s a fine line.

  2. True. I think it’s almost expected in shifter stories for the hero to stand on the fence because their survival is paramount, not their humanity.
    Thanks for commenting, Tressie.

  3. belindaegreen permalink

    I’m reading a lot of Motorcycle Club series lately. They are by no means perfect. They do what they need to for family and club. I agree shifters need to do what they need to do to survive. I expect it. Military stories do border on criminal acts for god and country, again expected.

    We all know that we will push the envelope as far as we can to help family and friend. We don’t expect everyday folks to do criminal acts that can’t be forgiven, just because. I don’t either.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    • Very true. In my opinion, It should take a serious act of aggression against someone important to them for them to step close to that line. Even then I want the seriousness of it to weigh heavily on their heart and soul.
      Thanks, Belinda. I appreciate the feedback.

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