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Extra! Extra! Romance Writers Bust Genres!

by on August 2, 2014

Or how I just learned I wrote horror.

While sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, sometimes a romance is not just a romance.

If anyone on the street asked me what I did (besides wait for football season and tinker with computer equipment) I would say I was a romance writer.  Which is true.  I write about people finding each other, falling in love and living happily ever after.  I enjoy writing those happy endings.

With the release of Loving Among the Dead, my post-apocalyptic romance set in a zombie wasteland, a friend of mine told me my book “scared” her. I laughed.  How could the love story between Sky and Jude be scary?

Because of the zombies.

A light bulb (the incandescent one, not those terrible twisty tube ones) came on in my head.  Zombies=horror/science fiction.  Sky and Jude= romance.

Did I just write romance with a huge side of horror?

Seems like I did.

Blame the comic books…ahem, graphic novels. They bump up the imagination…a lot.

But the fact still remains that among the many romance writers out there, especially the totally awesome ones with which I am personally acquainted, bust genre on a regular basis.  A love story is not just a love story in these writer’s hands.

It’s an adventure.  It can be a visit to planet in another time or an alternate universe.  It could be a murder mystery.  It could be a family drama. It could  be a western.  Space opera anyone?

It could contain zombies.

Readers – remember, you’re romance may not be ‘just a romance’.






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