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Lets talk collections.

by on August 1, 2014

Seems like I have always collected something. When I was a child it was paper dolls. I loved Barbies but my family at the time couldn’t afford every Barbie that I wanted so when I got a new out fit for her from the toy store there was always this little insert that showed all the new fashions. Well, if I couldn’t have the doll, I would do the net best thing. In my six year old mind I had hundreds of new Barbies as I meticulously cut out those little paper images. That was my first collection.

From there it was coloring books my first book collection. I only kept the pictures that weren’t marred with my errors of going outside the lines, gifting them to friends and family members. I preened under the accolades of what a good job I did and how beautiful my coloring was. Thinking back I might have been a bit vain.

Over the years, I have had various knick-knacks I’ve picked up.  Angel figurines, urban artwork, Chinese calligraphy, voodoo dolls, my house has become an eclectic showroom of different conversational pieces. For some reason  I love anything that is considered different from the norm.

The one constant I never change is books. I have old tomes that go back to the fifties that I confiscated from my grandmothers house. Stacks are piled in various places, not just on book shelves.  I don’t hide that collection and I often go back to my favorite reads just to run my fingers through them. Sometimes I peruse book stores that sell used books because you never know what  you may find amongst all the dusty volumes.

My latest thing is collecting Buddhas, I love them, fat, skinny, in  various poses.  I’ve been gathering them for about two years and eventually I will move on to something else. The one thing I never get tired of is books though. I will collect them until I cant anymore.


So tel me, do you have collections? If so what do you collect?


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  1. Collections are great.
    I collect sharks (glass, crystal, ceramic…) and bears.

  2. You know, I don’t think I really collect anything. And your post has made me want to 😀

  3. belindaegreen permalink

    I collect crystal anything. I like the way it sparkles under light. I have them all in lighted display cabinets in the living and dinning room. I get lots of compliments on them. I keep adding to them.

    I also do a lot of thrift store shopping looking for treasures. 🙂

    Belinda G

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