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A Luscious Feature ~ The Baby Proposal by Roxie Wilson

by on July 29, 2014



Blurb ~
She’s having a baby…

Selene Alexis is a recent casualty of her company’s cost-cutting measures. With a sister to support and no close relatives to lend a helping hand, she grabs the opportunity to become a surrogate mother. By getting pregnant, she’ll be able to meet her monthly expenses and make a small dent in her debts, at least for the next nine months.

He makes a proposal…

Former soldier, Triston Walker, struggles to adjust to civilian life after tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. A glimpse of Selene, the girl he left behind to serve his country, is a breath of fresh air, until he realizes she’s pregnant. He’s never fallen out of love with her, and now he wants to take their multicultural romance one step further. So he proposes a long-term solution to Selene’s current woes. Marriage.

A tempting offer she shouldn’t refuse…

With Selene’s hormones raging, her due date fast approaching, and doubts about Triston’s feelings for her, can she trust herself to make the right decision? Will she take the plunge, or dash Triston’s dreams of an eternal interracial romance between a black woman and a white man?

Excerpt ~

They stood in the doorway for a long moment. He could bet the trust fund his father had established for him that Selene was also reliving the last moment they were together and the argument that followed. Triston watched as her gaze left his to fall to the tile entryway. In the corner of her eye, he was amazed to see a tear forming.
“Selene, no.” He took a step closer. Her eyes raised and caught his. They were full of tears. Her lower lip quivered. Lifting a hand, he moved to touch her cheek. He couldn’t bear to see her cry, not now. He needed to try and slay whatever demons he’d raised.
His palm touched her cheek as he stepped into her space. She stepped back a little at his intrusion, but he didn’t care. Placing his other hand over hers, he pulled her fingers free from the door and let it close with a click. Moving closer still, he pushed her back against the wall. Still holding her fingers, he entwined them.
“I never meant to hurt you.”
“I know.”
“Do you?”
She hesitated. Of course she wouldn’t give in so easily. She was a strong woman, even back when they were teenagers. That is what had drawn him to her. She might now understand why he went, might even appreciate the sacrifice. But, she wouldn’t accept he did it for her—she deserved a hero, a strong man, a man who could keep her safe—until he could prove it. Assuming she let him back into her life…
He needed to prove how much she meant to him. How much she still did. How much she always had.
Her back tapped the wall and he felt more than saw the fear flash, even momentarily, in her dewy eyes. Then, the tears fell. Like a dam broken open, her entire face fell, crashing it on itself. Triston’s heart lurched at the sight.
“Oh, God. Babe!” He didn’t mean to shout, but he couldn’t contain his agony. She pulled her head back at the sound. The whites of her eyes expanded and her sobbing picked up pace.
Not fear, not from her.
Triston didn’t think.
He reacted.
Slipping his hand on her cheek down and around the column of her throat, he tangled his fingers in the silky hair at her nape. He held her still as he blew a soft breath against her wet and puffy lips before dropping his to press against hers.
She froze.
He didn’t care that she was crying, that her nose was cold and clammy and leaking or her cheeks were wet. He didn’t care that he knew nothing about her now, about her life. Honestly, he didn’t care. He kissed her only because he wanted to.
Needed to.
At this moment.
When she probably thought she was at her ugliest.
Because he still loved her.
Gently, he held the pressure on her lips. He lapped at the salty tears which clung to her upper lip. He cajoled, soothed, sought. She opened on a wail and he swallowed the noise. His tongue licked at her smooth teeth and back to her lips. He paused. Then, he felt it. Her tongue flicked out to find his.
Just like in high school, that move was his kryptonite. Both hands dropped to her shoulders and despite the circumstances—later he would regret his haste—he pushed her harder against the wall and took her mouth with a frenzy.
Tongues wrestled, tangled, stroked and sampled. He remembered her taste, like summertime honeysuckle. More mature, the flavor had only deepened. Now, she tasted like honey. Heavy, sweet, wild. He fed on it. Sucking her tongue into his mouth, he held her captive to his need.
Moving to line his body up against hers, he edged a knee between their bodies, pressing into the heat between her thighs. Her head fell to the side and she moaned. The tears were gone from her eyes and drying on her cheeks. He heard the crush of plastic, and felt it grazing against his lower chest. When he glanced down, he was mildly surprised to see the white roses he’d recently purchased squashed between Selene and him. They were fit to be thrown away, but he couldn’t even muster the energy to care. His focus was on this woman. Selene.
He kissed along the curve of her jaw and taking her lobe between his teeth, he suckled.
Another moan.
“Triston.” God, his name sounded sinful on her lips when she was like this.
“Selene…” He echoed.
“I’m pregnant.”
He bit down, stunned. She yelped and pushed him back off her. “What? Whose?” Mind reeling, Triston’s heart stopped. Literally. Nothing during his years of service had affected him so sharply.
Selene was pregnant.
With another man’s baby.

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