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Hot Times, Summer in the City.

by on July 24, 2014

Well more like summer in the country actually. 🙂 I have stepped outside and swore I melted. Yes, daggummit it felt like my very essence was flowing into a sweltering blob of flesh within a few steps of my front door. Its on days like that, that I welcome the rain.

You know those beautiful thunderstorms with lightening criss-crossing the sky in a unfettered display of mother nature’s force. Illuminating a dark sky with flashes so quick that you almost miss them followed by the boom of thunder all while fat drops of cool water plummet to the earth. A quick shower that happens so fast your drenched the moment you step out. It’s so hot here the rain hit the asphalt on the roads that were paved and I saw steam.

We are definitely in the middle of the summer. I swore I would not complain about it. Not after the winter we had where I still maintain that mother nature was bi-polar. Let me tell you I am biting my tongue hard now.

I combat the scorching heat and ferocious thunderstorms by staying inside. Sadly, with children that isn’t always possible. I have an active eight year old that loves the outdoors and a seventeen year old that, well – she is seventeen. I’m sure if your a parent you understand exactly what I am saying.

So when my youngest decides he bored, which happens more than I think  humanly possible. Seriously, I hear the word I’m Bored between twenty and thirty times a day. After I have exhausted every indoor game I can think of including hide and seek and conveniently forgetting that he is hiding so I can get some work done. This will be one happy chick when school resumes. I’m just saying. Anyway, I digress. When I have done every game and helped him to use every Lego to build K-World (his imaginary town) I get a little anxious. Why you ask? I know you didn’t but ask anyway.

Because the next step is playing outside…(insert duh-duh-duh here). I just expounded all the reasons why I don’t go out in the summer and yet I have this little guy staring up at me with big puppy dog eyes and a quivering lip. (Hangs head) I am such a sucker. I gird myself and prepare for the waves of heat that I know will buffer me as soon as I open that dang front door. My little boy, he seems oblivious to my apprehension, chattering about riding bikes and playing with water guns. Have mercy, my heart pounds in my chest just at the thought of going outside and now he want to add exercise to the mix…and it is exercise, I mean I’m over forty, this stuff stopped being play for me a long time ago. I send a silent prayer up that one of his friends will knock at the door and want to do all the things with him I am dreading. Why is it those little people only show up when you really don’t want to be bothered? Hmmm, that is a blog post for another day.

So I throw on my thinnest, t-shirt cause yeah, it’s hotter than a match head out there and shorts…I would forgo the shoes if I didn’t think I was going to get third degree burns on the soles of y feet. Mind you my daughter basically retreated to her room at the mention of going outside and I have yet to see hide nor hair of her. The traitor, I was willing to sacrifice (clears throat) enforce family fun time and make her got out so she can develop a better bond with her brother. Exhales, yeah it is just me and the boy. My husband the lucky fellow is at work.

I’m already sweating and I haven’t gotten close to the door. I make last minute attempts to avoid whats coming, offering to play video games. People who know me well are aware I loathe them but hey, I was getting desperate. I could see bright light through the curtains and the living room is lit up as if a thousand lamps were burning. Oh it was going to be blistering, the skin on my arms ached from the impending burn I was sure to get. My son grabs my hand and tugs me toward the door. He opens it and the sunlight was blinding, oh man I am so not ready for this…


We had fun. 🙂 Tell me folks on the hottest day in the year what would you do if your kids was asking you to play outside?




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  1. devynsmom95 permalink

    Pool time!!

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