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The Race We All Must Run

by on July 19, 2014
Image courtesy of sritangphoto /

Image courtesy of sritangphoto /

From junior high through college I ran track. I ran fast… well I ran sprints. Initially I started out running the mile until I had two meets in a row where I got lapped. Then my coach bumped me down to the eight hundred and four hundred meter. Finally by college I was running the two hundred and four hundred open. You know what’s great about racing? You can see the end. It doesn’t move during the race. It’s always there.

Before I was published I basically was running the mile. Getting lapped by others as I wrote and rewrote searching for an agent or publisher. Much like that failed season of me attempting to run cross-country I felt like the race would never end. Once that first contract was signed I could see the finish line. It was the last push I needed to make to complete my journey.

Now, over two since my first book came out a lot has changed. Much like in track I’m now a sprinter. My writing has improved on every level. I’ve learned to write in-depth short stories. I’ve learned how to self-publish a book… the one thing I haven’t learned is how to set the finish line on my own books.

I’m still learning how to balance out my self published with my publisher’s books. Mixing that with new books that are scrambling around in my brain attempting to be written make the balance in writing and life a struggle.

First we have the family and all the distractions that go along with that. Then the crazy day job I still have to work since I haven’t hit the NYT Best Sellers list. My side gig I just started and finally writing. I have at least a dozen stories running around in my head and at times I feel like I’m back on that track. Running a mile. Going around and around, seeing the same people cheering in the same location, but never seeming to end my run. I look at the markers trying to gauge my distance and what seemed like a hundred meters suddenly turns into two. This is why the book I planned to release July 31st has now been bumped out to August. And why my family will feel abandoned by me in the coming months. I may not come in first but I will finish the race and do better than I ever had. Soon I’ll have the race figured out. I’ll know just when to kick so the finish line I set is not only met in time, but I break my own record. In writing the only race that matters is the one you race against yourself.


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