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The Moment That Defined Me

by on July 18, 2014

I saw this video and it reminded me of something.

Something that happened over twenty years ago to a naive twenty-one year old woman.

Even though we are one in the same, I admire her belief that no one was better than someone who would willingly hurt her.

Model Representation of man who stuttered my breath.

Model Representation of man who stuttered my breath.

You see, twenty years ago, I dated a handsome blonde with pale blue eyes and a sexy French accent. When he called my name, it was like a choir of angels singing my praises. That him, being him, could even look at me was enough to have me melting at our every encounter. I couldn’t deny this man a thing.  He was that freaking beautiful. And did I mention that he was a French national?

I would probably still be bowing in his gorgeous aura if he hadn’t jumped stupid after a few months into our relationship.

I remember this as if it happened yesterday. He had to return to France until his reapplication for a Visa was approved. We were to spend his last night in his apartment located at the rear of his father’s New Orleans’s house.

The main house sat on Esplanade, one of those grand mansions in the Treme neighborhood. My Lord, how lucky could a Mississippi girl be to have a boyfriend residing in one of those historic homes? 

Believe me, I felt privileged to hold his hand as he guided me up the cobble stoned walkway to his apartment. The sense of elation didn’t leave me until the main course was served.

I don’t eat carrots. So the rabbit stew that he presented to me loaded with carrots was picked over.

“You don’t like it?” he asked.

“I don’t like carrots, baby.” I answered honestly.

“Then you don’t eat” He picked up my plate and flung it across the room.

Oh, shit! Your ass is crazy!

Praise God and all the saints in Heaven. I didn’t need the whole house to fall down on me, all I needed was that one brick whizzing by my head.

Seven years later, I was a troop leader for the girl scouts and he was deported for felony assault charges against his live-in girlfriend.

Readers, writers, and those who happen upon this post, look out for the women in your lives. Let them know that their place in the universe is greater than the lustful gaze of one human’s eyes.

I want to personally thank my father for showing me how true this is.

And if you are in need of help, try ADVA.

Cause shit like this ain’t never sexy!


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