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That’s it! I’m gonna do it my damn self

by on July 7, 2014

            Have you ever asked your kid to wash dishes and half way through you get so pissed off you just do it yourself? Of course you have. We all have. And if we haven’t we’ve been on the other side of the situation. Pushing our parents to just do it themselves. Is it laziness? Incompetence? Or just a lack of caring?

            This is what I wonder when I look on stock art sites. Do they just not care? Then again when they have a really good shot it ends up being used a dozen of books. I was shocked to see one the big publishing houses using a cover that had been making the rounds on the indie circuit… and yes the indies came first.

            I was thinking it’s was because I was writing IR books. I’d seen the same three black girls on my friend’s books. It only made sense that I couldn’t find any black guys. I heard native was just as hard to find. Then I thought back to that one cover with two white models. It is a good shot and those two people have been ice skaters, dancers, international spies… all tucked into lovers embracing.

            Searching beyond the more popular stock art sites I found photographers charging a high premium for their pictures. Then I read the fine print. Five years royalty free, not high resolution, well the list went on and on. If the models were attractive the cost was too high. If the shots were cost effective, the models were stereotypical and racially insulting. At least to me.

            So, what does an author who is looking for a certain hero and heroine do? In my case I dusted off my camera and started shooting. Now I’ve got to try to get a good collection that offers a quality product for a reasonable price. Where does that put my writing? Good question. I still have deadlines and still need to work the day job. Something tells me the next few months will be a juggling act.

            If I drop a ball here or there forgive me. But taking sinspirational pictures isn’t as easy as you’d think.


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One Comment
  1. belindaegreen permalink

    I so agree with the cover art. I have seen quite a few of the same photos on so many books. Thank you for explaining to me why this is. Doing it yourself has always been my motto as well. Kudos to you for taking on that challenge!

    I love covers! Especially when they accurately depict the content. They are what draw me in. I want to see unique and striking ones but not the same exact ones over and over with just the name and title changed.

    Thanks for sharing. I will check out your site.

    Belinda G

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