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A Luscious Feature ~ From Indiana With Love by Sandra Sookoo

by on June 26, 2014

Releasing July 1st…From Indiana with Love


Blurb ~

Samantha Arnold, prep cook and struggling romance novelist, believes adventure is right around the corner, but nothing exciting happens in the small town of Newburg, Indiana. When a routine trip to pick up chicken results in meeting Mitchell, she can’t help but hope things are about to turn.

Special Agent Patton Mitchell despises the farming community. He’s watching his mark as well as the meek and mild Samantha. Her questionable Internet search history has triggered a visit from the NSA, and he’s not above a little flirting to get his answers.

Small town life explodes with intrigue, guns and betrayal to boot. What she thinks of as a madcap caper is a fight for life or death in Mitchell’s book. Between dodging bullets, chasing a would-be terrorist and dealing with drop-in relatives, there might just be a shot at romance—if the bad guys don’t get them first.

Excerpt ~

Sam pressed on, her curiosity not letting go. “You don’t have a last name?” Why did she care? After all, he’d chicken gyped her. She should be furious, but something she’d glimpsed deep in his eyes when he’d met her gaze after the once-over intrigued her. The man had so many secrets she’d bet he was nearly bursting from holding them. Maybe he just needed a nice glass of iced tea and a piece of strawberry pie. That always made things better, and Angie made the best pie.

“That is my last name.” A warning sort of growl had entered his voice.

She’d grown up with a grouchy, growly dad so ignoring Mitchell’s bad mood was no big deal. “Then, what’s your first name?”

“Mitchell.” His jaw worked.

A snort escaped her. “Your name is Mitchell Mitchell? Hope your middle name’s not Oliver because then your initials would be MOM.”

“No. Drop it.”

Sam leaned against her car and tried her best to stifle her laughter. Then the humor died when the hot metal seared her skin through the thin cotton of her dress. She jumped forward. Mitchell Mitchell retreated a few steps as if he couldn’t bear the thought of touching her. His name must be pretty bad if he didn’t want to give it out. “Look, I’m trying to make amends and apologize for my earlier behavior. It was rude of me.” She held his gaze. “Why are you being impossible?”

“I’m not. You are, and I have work to do, so if you don’t mind, get back in your car and drive away.”

“But what about my chicken problem? Also, you put trash inside my cooler. What about that?” She couldn’t figure the man out.

A thin sheen of sweat popped on his forehead. Sam ignored it but was secretly vindicated that he wasn’t as invincible to the heat wave as he looked. “Fine.” Mitchell yanked open the car’s back door, slammed up the lid of the cooler then retrieved the fast food bucket. Once he’d closed the cooler as well as the door, he glued his gaze to hers. Slowly, he grabbed the drumstick from the container and equally as slowly brought it to his mouth where he ripped off a hunk of the meat then chewed. “Thanks. It is about time for a snack.”

Sam’s jaw sagged open a bit. She snapped it closed with an audible clink of her teeth. “Grr,” was all she managed to say.

“Growling in unbecoming, Ms. Arnold.” He lifted a bushy eyebrow. “In the car please.” Still eating the drumstick, he leaned around her and opened the driver’s side door. “I’m serious. This farm no longer exists.”

This is a release from Desert Breeze Publishing ~


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