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Cora Blu Road Trip comfort.

by on June 23, 2014

What do you carry on road trips for comfort?

Road Trip

Road Trip

Summer’s here and many of us are or will be venturing out even if it’s to the beach for a day.

What are your necessities when on the road? Are you loaded with a thousand songs no one appreciates but you or do you sing aloud to the radio?

Special food or a travel pillow? Maybe chewing gum is your thing. Ankle socks? That fleece blanket you purchased from CVS?

What makes or breaks the trip?

If your thing is reading, I have a new book release this month, Threat. This is the follow up to Stranded but not Alone.

After an emotional break up, and a kidnapping, Bethany is accused of sending her boss, also her ex, a threatening email. In order to keep Bethany out of prison during the investigation, her ex, Mikhail must take custody of her for the week up at his family’s winter resort. Stalkers, come in every size shape and gender. Who’s the true Threat?

Wherever you go, be safe.

Sinerely, Cora Blu

Threat (1)


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