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Yep, it’s my birthday

by on June 21, 2014



Okay, so it was my birthday yesterday, but close enough. Here’s the deal, for the past eight years I haven’t been with my husband on my birthday. Now it seems weird, but until this year it’s always been because of my son. From age six to eleven I spent my birthday at cub scout or boy scout camp. I enjoy the camp, but it seemed, even when my birthday fell in the middle of the week, I seemed to find myself there singing songs and camping out.

When my son decided he no longer wanted to go to camp I thought hey, I get to be with my husband on my birthday for once. For the first time in years I wouldn’t be eating camp food and I’d get a cake… we’ll I did get a cupcake but I spent the day driving nine hours from the Twin Cities to Louisville to spend the weekend watching my son play basketball. That was last year…

So this year what did I do for my birthday?

I went to RomCon. Yep, on my birthday I got to hang out, giveaway and meet some great people. Share my love of books and my writing with others and then danced the night away at a party. Sans husband of course because sadly he had to stay behind. Oh well there’s always next year… or the year after, but something tells me it may be another five years before I can even imagine spending the day with my husband. That’s okay though, he always remembers me, finds ways to send treats to me and in general let me know he loves me. I’m another year older, yet still feel like I’m twenty and just starting out in the world. And since I’m twenty in my mind I have at least sixty more birthdays to spend partying with my husband.

What do I want for my birthday? Reviews… buy one of my books… or… well maybe I’ll collect from my husband.



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  1. Happy Birthday, Michel. Yes, I’ve experienced Cub Scout Camp birthdays. I celebrated my 40th at a picnic table surrounded by 10-year-olds. I actually loved it. I’m happy that you have a husband who is supportive of your dreams by sending you to RomCon. I have no doubt that he’ll give you a proper birthday gift when you return.

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