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The Kiss Me Series – Kiss Me Deadly A New IR Coming July

by on June 12, 2014

Two years ago, I wrote Rhapsody a BBW/WM novella for Secret Craving Publishing’s Hot Flash Line. I never expected to make a series out of the lone Novella.

Readers enjoyed the short story so much, they wanted me to create the whole band. If you know me, you know how much I love all genres of Rock. It began at an early age and is still going strong. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many big label band members through my friends from Sidewise who have opened up for some amazing bands through the years. So when I decided to do the series my way, I wanted to focus on the background and show the members outside of performing on the road.


Rhapsody’s setting is in the band’s hometown’s of Belton Missouri/Kansas City Missouri. I got to show the band returning to their roots and playing at a popular local venue for fun.

Neveah Harris finally has her chance. Two albums in a row she’s worked with Crimson Rage’s  Vocalist/lead guitarist. From his perfectly styled hair to the faded jeans and tee’s he sports, she’s quickly becoming groupie fan number one.The only problem is, he doesn’t notice her dropped jaw every-time he enters the same room. Her age and weight are issues she must face in order to drum up enough courage to get his number.

Wade ‘Garrick’ Stevens is psyched to work on the newest cover for his band mates. They have a vision that only one sexy graphic artist can bring to life. The last two sold goldmines thanks to her brilliance. Underneath her professional front he senses she may be into just more than a working environment, which is just fine with him.

Years younger than her, he plans to convince her on one date. He’s sure sparks will ignite.

Shut Up and Kiss Me- followed Rhapsody. This too is centered in the hometown and life in the recording studio the member’s own and run together. It’s flirty fun and short too.


Brought up in a traditional family Carrie Stevens fights the bounds of propriety and flaunts her deviance with no regard to personal consequences. With one exception…her big brother’s wishes where his band is concerned. The sparks that fly when she’s around the one taboo she’d love to date are only a tempting siren’s song, until she sees there’s more to Shea than she’d originally thought. The sexy drummer might just make her lose her heart, if he can put her past to rest.

Shea McNamara has been in love with Carrie Stevens for years. Running in the same circle as her isn’t easy. Her choice in men irks him but she’s in his blood as much as the drums he loves to beat. All he has to do is convince her there’s more to life than the fast lane. With her flirty attitude he refuses to allow her to call the shots.


Kiss Me Like You Mean it-  Follows Shut Up and Kiss Me -This time I took the band on the road a bit and had them perform overseas for the Troops. I was lucky to know soldiers who participated in setting up the USO shows and got some first hand knowledge on how things worked on base.  We get to meet a new band I’ll be writing in the coming 2015 😛 By this time readers were asking for novel length and I obliged 😛


One gigantic mistake threatens to bring Carlie Steven’s world crumbling down. Everywhere she turns she’s faced with reminders of the drunken moment leaving her friendless, expelled from her Ivy League College. With Jackson out of the country singing for the troops, his empty home will give her the breathing room she needs while coming up with a game plan to fix her situation.


Playing guitar used to be enough for Jackson Laurant. For years he’s played the part of not giving a fuck. Too many one night stands in the bag leave him wanting what his two friends have found. With only a handful of shows left on the tour, his mind wanders to the off limits Carlie Stevens. For years, he’s denied the brewing attraction. When he finds she’s taken up residence in his home. He may have the in he’s wanted for too many years to count.


Now for The Newest Addition coming July 22nd 2014 (tentative in edits now)



Man this story really brought it home for me. This is one emotion packed novel. I was so afraid while in the middle of it that there would not be a happy ever after. But, thankfully there is. I was able to peel back the layers of the hero and show his terrible flaws, self esteem issues and where they all stemmed from. I created lyrics for him in this story to give readers a look at why he’s so self destructive and self redemption. Out of the entire series this was by far the hardest to create. I actually had to start the story over from scratch after being robbed last October. I am glad, that I did.

When Sameera Kattan’s band Final Regret gets signed, she is over the moon with excitement. But becoming a superstar overnight is so surreal that she doesn’t quite know what to do with the fame and public adoration. If only her longtime friend Jimmy, the lead guitarist for Crimson Rage would celebrate with her. Instead she’s out on tour with a broody male who goes from hot to cold in seconds, putting a strain on their renewed friendship.

Jimmy O’Riley can’t function with Sam around. Seeing her is like a ray of sunshine and a knife in the gut at the same time. Jealousy clouds his judgment whenever a man lays hands on what should’ve been his years ago. Endless liquor and fast women fail to bring him the distraction he needs to survive. One thing he knows for sure is, a tour bus is no place for them to put ghosts to bed.

25 word tag –When past regrets collide with present circumstances heart strings may need some fine tuning before the sweetest melody of all can be shared.


Kiss Me Good Morning Never Goodnight- (tentative title is long) is in the works now. In this novel I go back to the beginning with the hero and heroine of Rhapsody and give them their sequel. Their relationship pros and cons are evident in all the other books as a foundation, but in this final installment of Crimson Rage they bring it home.


Teaser Time!!!!!  I think I’ll give a first look at Jimmy’s song lyrics Hollow.

Hollow- written by Mahalia Levey 

 Verse 1

All I wanted was your respect.

Learned early on what I’d never get.

Your hate, fists , words, broke me down.

 My face a transgression you’ll never forget.

Acts of vengeance against a bastard child.

Chorus Background Vocals

Take a good look at what you’ve done to me.

Lacerated, desecrated reasons never validated.

Glass house, glass child, glass man

Eviscerated I sit with nothing to give

Worthless engraved in my skin while he gets it all,

Yeah he gets, it all. The good, the bad. The good the bad,

He gets it all. Your support, your love your praise.


Lacerated, desecrated reasons never validated.

Glass house, glass child, glass man

Glass house, glass child. Glass man.

Verse 2

Her sins made me, deprived me, where’s the love

to revive me. Desperate to love, to trust, too haunted

see, too tormented to believe there’s good in me. Self-hate churning, dragging me down

an endless abyss his face, his fists, torn by her scorn hating I was born.


Look at what you’ve done to me.

Eviscerated I sit with nothing to give,

Worthless engraved in my skin while he gets it all,

Yeah he gets it all. The good, the bad. The good the bad,

He gets it all. Your support, your love your praise.

Verse 3

Can’t forget the memories.

Can’t escape the triggers. Lost in her regret. Strangled in your hate.

Tip the bottle to the head find some peace at last.

Slow deep burn.

Slow deep burn. Killing me. Killing me.


Look at what you’ve done to me.

Eviscerated I sit with nothing to give,

Worthless engraved in my skin while he gets it all,

Yeah he gets it all. The good, the bad. The good the bad,

He gets it all even in death. Your support, your love your praise.

Chorus and Background Vocals


Lacerated, desecrated reasons never validated.

Glass house

glass child, forgetting how to feel to survive.

glass house

glass man

Glass house, glass child. Glass man.


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