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by on June 10, 2014

What can I say about this amazing author, that you may not already know. She writes Paranormal, Contemporary Romance, and Interracial/Multicultural Stories. Her writing style puts you right there in the middle of the pages, taking you on a journey into her fantasy world. Kassanna has outdid herself with her new book Falling. This book is so different than any other book she’s written. She touched on some subjects, that many people try to ignore, but still exist. Racism… we are not born hating one another, it is taught to us. What if everything you believed to be truth wasn’t, what if the very person you were raised to hate saves you. This book is about redemption. I myself was moved by this story, Bobby Jack and Whit’s love story needed to be told. Love can change our outlook on life… Great read! Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, don’t miss out on Falling.



Bobby Jack believed in anarchy. He was taught, keep the races separate and let the best man survive. Fresh out of jail, he searches for his son, born while he was locked up. The journey takes Bobby Jack to dark places, ultimately leading him to an eye opening truth.

Whit stepped in to take the toddler when his mama was arrested. She has her own troubles but couldn’t stomach watching the little fella be taken away by Child Protective Services. Given her circumstances she does the best she can with what she has.

He’s a monster whose hate runs deep and she’s a woman doing the best she can to keep from letting life break her. An unexpected turn of events sets these two people on a collision course and no one will walk away unscathed. Sometimes you can’t stop from falling.

***Warning*** There is explicit use of derogatory (racist) names used in this book you will find offensive. Graphic violence and sex scenes. ***



“We didn’t know.” The big man turned his head and caught Whit watching. “What the fuck you looking at bitch.”

Whit glanced around. No one, man, woman or child called her out her name. “A pussy” She kept walking.

She was jerked back by her arm and swung around. “Who you talking to nigger?” Spit sprayed her face and she struggled to free her limb as the short guy got in her face.

The tall built one strolled up behind him. Instinctively she knew he was the one she should be worried about. Whit looked over the shoulder of the man holding her and met the Evergreen gaze of the other fella. His eyes narrowed as she was sure hers widened, the guy on the sidewalk from last week. She pulled back her leg and kneed the bastard clutching her arms. He crumbled like a sack of dirty laundry grabbing his balls.

She leaned over and spit. “Fuck you.” Whit stared over at the other fella forming a fist, preparing to fight if she had too.

He waved a hand, as his shoulders shook. She narrowed her eyes. Was he laughing? He stuffed his hands in his pocket and cleared his throat. “You’re a feisty colored girl. Don’t look so scared. I ain’t going to do a damn thing to you here, too many cameras.” He nodded toward the corner of the building. “My cousin, Billy, ain’t quite all there, he don’t think before he acts. I suggest you leave before he can get up.” His voice was deep sexy rasp like the sizzle of water poured over hot coals.

“You’re not going to help him?” She swallowed.

“Hell no, the fat fuck pissed me off,” he pulled a stick of gum from his pocket and slid the piece between his lips. “I’ll just wait until he can move. Normally I would leave his ass but this is a jail house.”

The sleeve on his arm inched up and she saw the tip of an image on his wrist, a hood. His hands were calloused like he did hard labor for a living. Why was he still talking to her? She noticed the dirty blonde stubble on his chin. A strong jaw, she’d bet her next paycheck he was stubborn as all get up.

He toed Billy with the tip of his boot and nodded. “Yeah he may be out a while.”

His cousin groaned and rolled over on his side.

“Good I tried to send his nuts up his nasal cavity.” Whit pulled her keys from her pocket.

“I saw.” He chuckled again “What’s your name?”

“Why?” She glanced down at the prone figure and snapped her head back up at the stranger.

“I’m just being a southern gentleman. My mama taught me it’s not polite to talk to a woman without knowing her name. That way were not strangers.”

“Well I’m not from here so we should be good.” Why the hell was she still standing there talking to him? Curiosity sent her thoughts in a million directions. “It’s my understanding that your kind didn’t mix with mine.”

“That’s what you get for thinking.” He shrugged. “I take exception to the pretty colored ones.”

“Let me make one thing clear, no mother fucker took a brown crayon to my skin.” She growled.

Amazon Review:

Kimmy T-

Kassanna took a wide right turn with this book. It is completely different from her normal fare and I adore her for switching up on us.

Bobby Jack is nothing like her usual heroes. He’s an Aryan ex-con with the artwork to proudly proclaim it. He has a mission upon release to do one thing, but he’s thwarted in several ways. But, there is a side to him in this book that shows the reader that you can’t always judge a book by its cover or title. Whitney, is probably my new favorite heroine. She has the kind of inner strength that just makes you look up to her. She also has a heart of gold and I just couldn’t help but like her. The side characters in here are hilarious. Mama Mays reminded me of a few people I knew growing up. She is a riot. There are a few others.

What I got from this read is that everyone has it in them to change. Just because you are raised a certain way doesn’t mean that you have to live that way your whole life.

There is some strong language here, but it’s woven into the story very well. I was able to take it in stride, but not everyone will be able to.



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