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Cora Blu Selecting the music to move you.

by on June 9, 2014




Picking music to listen to while you put a story board together for some writers is crucial to getting the feel for the characters personality. Becoming familiar with their background, the way their past determines how they handle or react in certain situations takes a minute, for me.


While working on a storyboard for a character and listening to Alex Clare’s, “Up All Night” the beat became too distracting to stay focused.

No matter how I tried, it wasn’t working.

Along comes my ever-aware daughter.

“Mother, that’s the song they play in the teenage stores to keep you from concentrating while you’re shopping. Haven’t you ever noticed the music is clear and strong at the register? That’s so you lose track of how much you’ve spent.”

Well I slipped in Levert’s, “Mr. Too Damn Good” and it all fell into place. He came alive and his personality held color and a sensuality it didn’t have before. I could see the tiger stripes on his back flex as he walked across a room. Hear the sweep of his calve length navy hair hitting his jeans with each step. I could feel the pounding of each boot when he ran across the ground.

Without the right music, he was a cardboard cutout.

Music is empowering. Find your music, don’t get distracted and dance.


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