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by on June 6, 2014

The other day, I threw open my older daughter’s door and started a rant about how the dishes weren’t in the dishwasher. This was her chore for the week. Her reply, “I only have seven more pages left to read and then I think I’m going to cry because it can’t end good.”

authoressI closed her door and then loaded the dishwasher myself because as a reader I understood. Yes, there were dirty dishes in the sink. But there was this world that existed within the pages of a book that required her attention far more than plates smeared with peanut butter.

My husband doesn’t get this because he’s doesn’t read fiction. The book he’s currently reading is called Unmasking Duality. (Don’t ask me what it means or what it’s about.) So when he finds me crying or laughing in my chair by the window his first question is – Is this about a book? If I answer yes, then he groans and walks away.

How I married a someone who doesn’t want to get lost in a book, I’ll never know. Happily, my daughters have my reading gene. The oldest is into fantasy and the youngest is into mysteries. And on Sundays, you can find us crowded on the sofa with our tablets reading for an hour or two. There will be snorts, giggles, awwws and a few tears. And my husband will walk by and shake his head.

As for my son, only trucks and Spiderman interest him at this point. But I have hope he’ll join us on the sofa one day.

What about the other readers? Is there a non-fiction-only lover in your life confused by the fact that you’ve fallen in love with your fifth book boyfriend for the month?


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  1. My partner Mark wasn’t much interested in books but he does listen to audio book so I think I rubbed off of him, ahem you know, my love of fiction.

  2. belindaegreen permalink

    Nope, I don’t have one of THOSE in the family. We are all readers, even the grands!
    . 🙂

  3. I love getting caught up in another world and reading takes me places I could never afford to go. My boys aren’t big readers, but they will pick up a book every now and then and read just for fun.

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