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Distractions, Furrballs and Summer Vacations

by on June 5, 2014

Flowering bush from my backyard

I’ve sat down about four times in front of my laptop to write this post and every time I sat down I’ve been distracted by mostly edits, but the shiny things on Facebook and stalking my email inbox. I even went outside at one point to grab a picture for the blog of some flowers when Shakespeare decided to break camp.

Yes my dear little furrball pulled a jailbreak. He probably would’ve gotten farther if he wasn’t such a scaredy cat. I found him cowering next to the deck stairs, wide eyed and bushy tailed.

Is anyone else counting down the days until summer vacation begins? Already one child has a summer job, the other is still looking. There is a bass drum in my dining room and an electric guitar in my living room. I foresee lots of music in my future.

Even better I have edits to work on. Remember my wrestling series, Love Smackdown Series. Well I’m working on book 4 Love’s Submission with a projected release for August. Loose Id accepted my menage story, Sex, Lies and Joysticks and I’m awaiting those edits.

And check this out. Sugar and Spice will release Breaking Delia’s Rules on July 5, 2014. There’s so much going on and in between all the edits and work the muses demand to be heard and want to tell their stories. Well everyone will get their chance. So far this is how my summer is being laid out, how about yours?


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  1. Have fun with the music and writing 😀

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