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Just Saying I Love You

by on May 31, 2014

Ti voglio bene.

It’s Italian and if you type it into Google Translate, you’ll be given – I love you. Literally it translates as I want well for you. The special meaning behind it is – regardless of me I want the best for you. That’s love isn’t it? But so much prettier to say it in Italian.

I wanted that feeling for my latest release, Scent of a Woman.

In my first paranormal romance, I got the opportunity to invent my own language, Ap-Muen – spoken by the puma-shifters who reside in the small town of Haziel, TX. It is a mixture of my imagination and base words from the Apache language. I even came up with a lexicon of about fifteen words..

And I had to give them their own version of ti voglio bene.

As Ewan Hathorn, the Kai’lai of the Ap-Muea, explains to Ada Trevors: “Adua is a circle, ke’jah. It has no beginning and no end. Round and round it goes. Forever. Najo lako adua. I say your name is Love.”

Unfortunately for these two, adua shouldn’t be in their future and hence the story begins. I hope you’ll join Ewan and Ada to find out how it ends.

Luma da’i chui’ha (May the light of the moon be in your hands!)

Book Blurb

A certain scent wafted under Ewan Hathorn’s nose. He knew what it meant but did she?

soawAda Trevors is searching through the canyons surrounding Haziel, Texas for an Ap-Muea—the man by day and the screeching cat by night. Though she doesn’t believe the legendary creature exists, she is certain the myth is based on something she can document.

From the moment Ewan meets Ada he recognizes her as something more unique than his adua, his fated love. She’s a witch, one beautiful enough to entice the ruler of the Ap-Muea Nation. However knowing that she’s too human to understand the future they would share, he resigns himself to another century of being alone. That is until Ada proves to be more powerful than he’d imagined and an Ap-Muea demands her death.

Together, Ewan and Ada must discover if the bonds of adua are strong enough to save them both.

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