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Luscious Feature – Naughty Girls Do by Jodi Redford

by on May 29, 2014

Another feature with a sexy cover. The books just keep coming. Do you see that cover? Yeah it’s hard to miss the tats.  🙂 No buy link yet but this is something to keep on the look out for.





Lexie Winters is on a mission—to lose her good girl image and tempt resident bad boy, Ash Bodry, into her bed. Tired of being treated like his kid sister, it’s past time for her to play dirty. She has her work cut out for her though when it comes to the sinfully sexy yet incredibly frustrating man.
As far as Ash is concerned, Lexie is strictly off limits. Not only are they friends, her dad just happens to be the sheriff, and years ago the man steered Ash away from a life of crime. No way is he repaying that favor by giving into his wicked fantasies of Lexie. But when the little vixen strolls into his tattoo parlor and requests a very naughty piercing, Ash’s honorable intentions are tested to their limits.
Now that Lexie’s hammered the first chink in Ash’s defenses, and he’s sweating bullets, there’s no chance in hell she’s settling for his hands off policy. Even if it means some flirty strip tease action and late night skinny dipping to convince him that this new found naughty girl will do whatever it takes to get her man.


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  1. Her writing is very visual. 🙂 Congrats Jodi.

  2. belindaegreen permalink

    I love the cover. I’ll look out for Jodi’s the book. She is a new author to me.

    Yes, Kass, I agree a freaking lot of great books have been released lately. It’s putting a huge dent in my book budget! Seems to be a lot more than usual from all my fav authors as well as some new authors I found. These are good things but I’m thinking I’ll have to give up sleep for a few years to get thru all the books on my TBR list. The really sad part about this—I keep adding more. Sigh… I love it tho! Thanks for sharing.

    Belinda G

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