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by on May 28, 2014


Do you listen to audio books?

Paper or Audio?

Paper or Audio?

Many authors are placing their babies on audio for their readers and I know of a few readers that only listen to books. I will admit I have read fifty percent more books, after purchasing a Kindle. Both audio books or with the voice function.

If the narrator has the correct voice and modulation, the story breathes through the headset in ways it could never just reading the words.

Do you listen to books you may not have had they not been on audio?

Do you look for a particular narrator when making a selection?

Female or male narration?

Comments welcomed. I’d love to know if you have a favorite narrator…I do.

Happy listening, Cora Blu




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  1. I love audio books, my first memories are of the Terry Pratchett ones read by Tony Robinson. Now I can’t listen to any Discworld books unless narrated by him 😀

    • I’ve fallen for Phil Gigante as narrator. I can get so much done around the house, listening to an audio book. 🙂

  2. belindaegreen permalink

    I have not listen to any of the new digital audio books. The last ones I listened too were either cassette tape or CD. That was awhile ago! I started listening to them when I was commuting to work. I had to do something while I waited in rush hour traffic! I also found them enjoyable when I took road trips because it took my mind off the drive. At the time I was into the alphabet murders by Sue Grafton. They kept me enthralled because it was the same narrator for all 26 murders and beyond. I also liked that she released each one fairly regular, almost at the same time as the print books. Over the years, with not a whole lot of selection in the genres I liked and no time, I stopped listening.

    Now days, I have 2 audio books on my kindle, which I won, but haven’t listened to them yet. I guess one reason could be a little apprehensive about wanting to preserve my vision of what the characters sound like in my head. I’ll take the plunge soon. One other challenge is the cost of audio books. Quite pricey. I’m hoping the cost comes down a bit over time.

    Thanks for sharing and allowing me to as well. 🙂

    Belinda G

    • I’m the same way about having a preset voice in my head for the character. They are a pricey choice and I don’t blame you. I’ve shied away from placing my books on audio because of the cost to produce them. One day.
      Thanks for the feedback.

      Cora Blu

  3. I love audiobooks! Its 50% of what i read i love romance, military and some historic love male narrator!

    • corablu permalink

      Male narrators make the book for me.
      My first audio was Staurt Woods, Two Dollar Bill, and he’s still one of my favorites to listen to.
      Thanks for commenting, Cynthia.

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